Cold Weather

Colder Weather

It has been a very interesting and different summer for me and my family.  If you want to read about it more you can here.  Beyond that, we’ve been busy with life.  Two big things that have happened is Sarah has moved out and Paulie has gotten his drivers license!  😀  Both of those major events have truly brought us to another new phase of our lives.  We are back to a 3 person household, and we no longer need to make sure we are always available to drive Paulie to his things.  I am truly blessed we are in another new phase, but it always takes a little while to adjust to them.  🙂

I know not everyone has true Autumn weather, but here in Idaho we definitely have all our seasons.  We’ve had a lovely Autumn so far, with some nice temps and beautiful colors this year.  We’ve also already had our first good amount of snow, at least four inches.

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It of course melted by the next day, and we are totally snow free now.  We just went through a really bad wind storm, that kicked up a bad dust storm too.  Besides that, it also blew off almost all the leaves from the trees.  That is a little sad because they were such beautiful colors.

Colder weather means a change of activities

That is what I like the most about colder weather, is the change in my daily routine and activities.  Don’t get me wrong, I do miss not being able to ride my bike or walk as I do in the spring and summer, but I enjoy different activities during Fall and Winter.  I find I do more crafts during the colder weather.  I just finished crocheting an evening scarf for my friend, and now I’m working on a cotton autumn wrap for me.  It won’t be done before Autumn is done, but at least I have it started.   😉

I will probably pull out some cross stitch too in the next month or so.  I usually work on a bit of cross stitch during the colder months.  Not sure why I don’t during the summer months, it just seems to be something I pull out during the winter.

I also like to read more, though I can do a fair bit of reading during the summer too.  😉  But I do love to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and a good book.

This year, as in years past, I’m in the kitchen more too.  I like to cook and bake, making warm comfort foods for me and my family.  I made some banana bread today, and I’ll be making chili and cornbread tomorrow.  Those of you who have read my blog for a while know I’ve had a struggle with not wanting to cook or bake much anymore.  But this winter my desire is increasing and I’m enjoying being in the kitchen again.  My husband and son enjoy it too.  lol

Paul and I are also hoping to do more outdoor activities this year too.  We are going to make sure we have the proper colder weather clothing and take some walks in the local parks and even have a fire pit once and a while.  We live in the Northwest mountains of Idaho, so it gets pretty cold and wet out here.  We’ve been going to the low 20’s overnight, and of course, we have already had snow once.  But regardless of that, we want to try and get out more, and keep busy with some winter activities.  We don’t ski or anything like that, but we do hope to have some fun outside this year.

It’s funny how desires and activities change with the seasons, and I think that is what I like the most about cold weather.  How about you?  Do your activities change with the seasons?  Do you find you craft more when you are stuck inside?  What do you like most about the colder weather?  Or are you one that doesn’t like the cold weather at all and just tries to get through it as quick as possible?  I would love to hear your thoughts and any cold weather ideas you may have.


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