Could I do this?

I don’t know that I need to add another craft to my already taxed schedule right now, but I will admit, this looks fun.

My cousin’s wife, Heidi, does some beautiful cross-stitch. Truly, I don’t know how she keeps the backs as neat as the front. I do love to cross stitch, but I’ve never been able to keep the backs so neat. She has a blog and on it she shows some of her beautiful work. It’s always fun to see what she’s been working on.

But she also enjoys doing origami. My mom bought a book once that taught origami. And my BIL has done it before, but I never have. It looks like a fun craft to try and who knows, maybe sometime in the future I will. But right now I don’t need too. Heidi had offered to give a free origami ornament to someone who left a comment on a particular post. The she decided to send an ornament out to all of us that commented on it. But then she blessed me even more since I am family. 😀 Look what she sent.








Aren’t they just beautiful? She is just as neat with her origami as she is with her cross stitch. I’m so blessed to have these beautiful ornaments hanging on my tree. Thanks again Heidi, they are beautiful. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Could I do this?”

  1. oh my, so beautiful. Awesome she is so talented. I still have the oragami book makes me want to pull it out and try it. Maybe when christmas is over. I’ll let you know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a nice and pretty surprise! They look lovely on your tree. I used to do a little needlework (embroidery) when I was younger and really enjoyed it. Enjoy your Lord’s Day today.

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