Craft conference part 1

I had such a great time at the craft conference with my mom and sister.  We had three connecting rooms, so it felt like we were all together. We tried new crafts, enjoyed time with friends and just enjoyed relaxing in the hotel.

The hardest part of it all was the drive down there. We left an hour earlier than planned, but it still wasn’t early enough to miss the snow storm.  The first half of my drive was fine, the second half, horrible. There was an accident on the highway which made the highway become a parking lot. We sat in our cars for about 20 minutes because of multiple accidents. We were southbound, after a while, the northbound had just has many accidents. Once the roads opened again, we only drove around 40mph on a highway that has it posted as 80mph. We did finally make it to the hotel, and then we found out about 20 minutes later they shut down the highway it was so bad. We are so thankful for the Lord’s protection during the drive.

Once we got there it was nice to just curl up in the hotel and only have to walk down the hall to the conference.

Here is the first set of pictures from there.  I’ll share pics of the things we made in a few days.

My mom and sister.
One half of the conference room.
Our very messy, constantly being used, table. 🙂
My mom and I and a bow she made.
Some other crafters.
Our group of crafters, well most of them. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Craft conference part 1”

  1. Good pictures. It sure was a fun time once we got there. Praise God He was handling when we left and keeping us safe. I’m keeping up practicing what we learned. Well as best I can, a busy couple of weeks at the center. Be blessed Love

  2. Wow, I’m glad you made it safely! This winter is crazy, and it’s only November!

    The craft conference looks like a lot of fun. So nice you could go with your Mom and sister!

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