Crafting in 2017

I have been thinking about what crafts I want to do in 2017.  I made some doilies for Paul’s mom and my parents gifts for Christmas.  They were lots of fun to make, but they seem like they will be pretty big when they are done.  I’m using this pattern here, and I only finished it half way because it was already the size I wanted.  But I think this year I’m going to try and make at least one full size.  But it does seem pretty big full sized, guess we’ll just see how it goes.  🙂

I plan on getting out more and take more outdoor photos.  Right now it’s just lots of snow, but we did have one interesting thing to photograph in the snow.

The farmer of the field behind our house let sheep roam his field the other day. What fun to watch.

I’ll probably continue to work on paper crafts, though I won’t be going to any scrapbook conference this year.  But my mom, sister and I do plan on getting together for a craft weekend and my sisters house, hopefully sometime early summer.

The other thing I’m working on, that I guess some wouldn’t consider a craft, but to me it is, it’s just a technical craft.  I’m taking some online courses at Udemy.com.  They have lots of different types of online classes, I’ve started with the Mysql class.  I’ve bookmarked some free classes, and had a great sale on mysql class, only $10.  So far I like it a lot, though I’ve only been working on it for a week.

Those are the craft things keeping me busy this year, what about you?  What crafts, or other plans do you have for 2017 to keep you busy?  Please share, I would love to hear about them.

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4 thoughts on “Crafting in 2017”

  1. Your crochet reminds me of ones that my great grandmother made. I still have one that I use. They are amazing. I am trying to read more now that it is winter and I am forced inside. Grace is my crafter. She painted a winter scene yesterday. I enjoy watching her be creative.

    1. Thanks Jenn. I am reading more too, but I do like to crochet when I can. Grace does so many crafts, I love seeing her new creations. Winter is the best time to curl up with a good book.. 🙂

  2. I have been wanting to learn to crochet. If there is anything I wish I could learn in 2017, that would be it. I love what can be made out of crochet. My craft project that I am about to start is a t-shirt quilt for my son. Our Mennonite women’s group has a small group who have started doing them. I took Jaedyn to one of the meetings and got her started. Now I am thinking of doing it myself. I think that it will be possible. The woman leading the group is very talented and is a retired teacher who is very patient and I think it is going to be fun. I like that Jaedyn is learning to sew too! Maybe this woman also knows how to crochet and will help me out. I will ask her tomorrow.

    I just posted an update on Jae. I thought I’d mention it, since you seem to follow it :). https://apathnotchosen.blogspot.com/2017/01/scopes-and-pill-cam.html

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