Crocheting frustration

I am thoroughly frustrated with crocheting right this moment, all over a very simple project. I’m trying to crochet a scarf for my husband. That doesn’t sound too hard does it? You would think a scarf would be simple, but no, not for me. 🙁

My husband likes very simple patterns. Nothing fancy or bright. We picked out the yarn together and I showed him some of the scarf patterns I have here in the house. He didn’t really like any of them, so I started searching online. I found one he liked that a friend of mine made, but I just couldn’t figure out the pattern, so I modified it a little. But as I was working on the scarf, the corners started to curl. 🙁 I know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I know my husband, and it’s something that would bother him (and me 😉 ). It just doesn’t look ‘right’ if the corners are constantly curling. So I unraveled what I had crocheted and started looking again.

I found a very simple pattern that hubby really liked, it was all single crochets. I started that one, and truthfully the corners were curling a little, but mainly it was just too plain. I really liked the look of what my friend had done, making a single row of alternating double and single crochets. It makes a cut little bubble effect, and a very simple pattern. So I thought I would make a different modified version of my friends pattern, again, unraveling all I had done.

I decided to start with 4 rows of sc, then 6 rows of a single row of dc, sc alternating, doing that all throughout the pattern. I figured it would give it a cute look. I could never start and end with a sc, ever. No matter how many chains I did, so the edges don’t look right. But to top it off, it’s curling again! 😥

You can see all four corners are curling.

What am I doing wrong? Am I crocheting too tight? Should I not use my unraveled yarn (though I would hate to wast all of that)? I’ve never even tried making my own pattern, and obviously I’m not that good at it. I was thinking of unraveling all of this and not starting with 4 rows of sc, just starting with the 6 rows of dc/sc, do you think that would help the curling? Alll of you crocheters out there I could really use your help. For the amount of time it’s taking me to figure this out, I should have 4 scarves done. Please help.

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4 thoughts on “Crocheting frustration”

  1. Hi JoAnn, I think we are the hardest critics on ourselves. Your scarf looks very nice. Everyone crochets at different tensions. You may wish to go up a hook size with the yarn you are using. If you are using an “H” hook, go up to an “I” and see if that helps, the bigger the hook, the looser your stitches will be and it should lay flat for you. I hope that helps. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Your foundation chain is too tight. I hate to say this but the only way to fix it is to undo all of that work and redo the foundation chain. When you do your chains make sure they are loose so that way the ends won’t curl up.

    I’ve been working on scarf for my pastor and have started over 6 times….. it should be easy I just haven’t been happy with how it’s turned out each time. It’s just too plain… blah. Looking for an interesting but not holey pattern is TOUGH!

  3. Hi, JoAnn! I’m sorry I can’t help you with crochet–needlework is one of the few homemaking things I cannot do! But I think it’s a pretty pattern, despite the curling corners.

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