Dentist and other things

I had to go to the dentist today and get two small fillings done.  It wasn’t too bad, though half my mouth was numb for about 3 hours.  Next Tuesday I get to have a wisdom tooth pulled, plus two more surface fillings done.  I’m hoping to get them done at the same time, and get this over with.  Once those two things are done, then I’m done with the dentist for a while.  I have another cleaning in March, but that won’t be bad.  I’m just blessed we can actually get all this done right now.  Plus, Paul is taking next week, I’m really blessed by that.  When I get teeth pulled, I tend to get a bit more nervous, and I don’t like to be by myself.  He’s really not getting a day off so much as asking that next Tuesday be one of his weekend days.  It works out great.

I had a pretty rough day yesterday.  I didn’t sleep well the night before, and then we found out that we needed a truck repair done that is going to cost quite a bit of money.  Money we don’t have.  For an hour or so we thought we would have to drop down to one car for a month or so.  Neither of us were really looking forward to that, but not many other options.  Then my parents said they could loan us the money, which was a great blessing.  We’ll get them paid off with our tax return, but still it’s another bill and more money gone that we wanted to put into savings.  That was just getting me down.  I was just being selfish, wanting more.  But I’m blessed our truck can be fixed.

Then the day started getting better because I was able to hand over the creation of our homeschool groups newsletter to someone else.  I do other things for the group that I really enjoy doing, but about 3 or 4 months ago I started doing the newsletter because the other person doing it had stepped down.  I figured, I have the technical knowledge to do it and no one else stepped up for it, so I did.  I realized after about 1 or 2 times, it was not for me.  Yes, I could do it, but it wasn’t my strong point, and it stressed me out every time I had to do it.  So after trying to stick with it for a while, and with hubby’s encouragement to stop doing it, I told the leader of the group that I didn’t want to do it anymore.  We sent the newsletter out on Sunday night with a note that we were looking for someone who would take over doing the newsletter.  By Monday afternoon we had another woman more than willing to do it.  That was such a blessing to me.  It’s so nice to not have to do that anymore.  I know I’ll have to help this month, more technically than anything.  Now I can focus on other things I do for the group.

Then, on a completely different note, I was asked to do something I’ve never done before, but I was excited when I was asked to do it.  Yes, I’m being vague, because I’m still praying about it and I don’t want to say anything right now.  But it was so encouraging to be asked, and I want to run and say yes, but I’m trying very hard to pray before I start new things.  I didn’t fully pray about the newsletter and look what happened.  🙂  But it’s even more of a blessing that I don’t have to do the newsletter anymore, especially if I decide to do this project.  So all in all, Monday started out kind of bad, but it ended ok.  Except that through it all I completely forgot to take a picture for my Mommytography project.  I did get one taken today, but I’m a bit bummed about yesterday.  Oh well, it’s all good.

Well I’m getting tired, it’s been a long day and I want to try and read some other blogs before I go to bed.  I hope you have a great night (or day depending on when you read this).

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