Do I even blog anymore?

That is what I wonder about myself sometimes. Do I really even blog anymore? I get busy one day, and I’m so behind in my blog reading that I never have time to write my own blogs. Then I can hardly even comment on half of those blogs because I’m so behind there are just too many to read and comment on. Let alone writing my own blog. Yes, I know I’m complaining and probably making excuses, but I’m just getting so frustrated at myself. I started my site, both this one and my creativity one, joscreativity, to blog about my life and the things I create. And blogging is part of my creativity too. So I need to just make time for it. I remember a co-worker once saying to me, when I was saying I didn’t have time to go jogging every morning. She said it’s easy to make excuses, but when we really want to do something we make the time for it. And that has always stuck with me, because it’s so true. I can always make excuses for why I can’t get things done, but when I really want to do something, it does get done. So I’m on a new quest to quit making excuses and just make time for the things that I enjoy doing, crocheting, photography and of course blogging. 😀

With that new resolve, I made time for crocheting this weekend. I’ve been struggling with what I should make my family for Christmas this year. I’m truly stuck, trying to come up with something new. I told my mom and sister I wasn’t sure if I would be making anything for Christmas this year and both my mom and sister told me how sad that would be. That was a bit encouraging, to know people like the things I make so much. So I’ve been thinking and trying new things out again and I think I have some ideas of what I might make, but no sharing them on here, my mom reads my blog. 😉 But through that I picked up my crocheting and I’m so happy I did. It felt great to have the hook in my hand and make some new things. I have an afghan I want to start too, but I need to make sure what I’m making for Christmas is finished before I start that.

I’ve got kind of a packed week, but it will be good to get things done before next week. Because next week is our vacation, well a staycation. We have a few day trips planned, a museum visit and some things like that. It will be nice to just have a week off and not have to worry about ‘doing’. But that leaves some things to get done this week. Sarah and I have eye doctor appointments tomorrow. It will be nice to have some new frames. And Sarah is getting some contact lenses, for the first time. She is so excited, and I’m excited for her. Paul has been wearing contacts for years, so thankfully he’ll be able to help her adjust.

Then the best thing this week is we are having our family photos taken on Thursday! 😀 My best friend takes them for us, she’s my photo buddy. But I almost forgot about them this year. I think there are still enough leaves around to make a good backdrop. Plus Thursday’s weather should be very nice, and not too windy. Last year it was a windy day, and our hair did not look the best. It should be better this year.

Well, I do want to get some crocheting done tonight too, but I was committed to writing a blog post. Make sure you check out my creativity blog too, because I will be posting there more also.

I took this photo the other morning before sunrise. I should have gotten out a bit earlier to catch more colors, but I still like this one.


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6 thoughts on “Do I even blog anymore?”

  1. Nice to catch up with you, Joann. I’m in the same boat–so much happening on the home front, lots of other concerns to take my attention and my blog suffers. Guess we just have to know that as long as we’re homeschooling moms, we’ll have seasons for different things. Glad you’re getting back into your creative pursuits; that’s always so renewing. I’m playing with some writing projects and ideas in my spare moments, and even if I don’t actually get much done, it fills my well!

    Blessings on your week,

  2. Hi JoAnn,

    I’m glad you are making time for your crafts. I think as homeschooling moms, we are so busy taking care of everyone that we forget we need to take care of ourselves as well. And, part of that is having some personal time to do whatever it is you enjoy doing.

    We have a busy week this week, but Lord willing things will settle down and return to our normal pace next week.

    Enjoy your staycation.


  3. I often have ‘dry spells’ on my blog too. It’s just part of life. I look at it as a hobby I do for fun in my spare time and if my spare time is sparse then it doesn’t happen. I do think it’s important to have a creative outlet though.

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