Early valentines

Today Paul and I celebrated Valentines day. Paul has always liked to surprise me with candy or whatever before the 14th. This year he works on the 14th but was off today, so it worked out great. He wouldn’t tell me where he was taking me, he wanted to surprise me. 🙂 First he bought me a huge box of chocolates, over a pound! Goodness it’s huge. Honestly I don’t know how I’m going to eat it all. I got him some chocolates, he bought Sarah a box of chocolates also, and of course we got some chocolate for Paulie too. Yes, we have tons of chocolate around here now.

Then he took me to our most favorite local Italian restaurant. Oh my goodness it is always so yummy, and today was no different. We had such a great lunch. Talked about lots of different things, enjoyed each others company, and ate. Of course we brought home leftovers too.

The rest of the day we’ve spent as a family. Doing things we enjoy and hanging together. Honestly, today wasn’t a whole lot different than other days off, hubby takes me out as often as we can afford, and we hang together as a family a lot. But it was fun to have an excuse to do it all. I’m happy he surprised me with our favorite restaurant. It’s our favorite, but not one we get too that often. It was a blessed day, and I’m thankful for that.

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