Easter Drama/Musical

Sarah has been in her first drama/musical this week.  She has been diligent going to rehearsals and learning what she needed to do.  She was in the crowd/choir, and though the rehearsals started getting tiring she has loved doing the performances.  There are 5 performances all together, one last Wednesday night, one last night (Friday), one Saturday night and two Sunday morning.  We have made the opening night, Wednesday night and last nights performances. We didn’t make any of the other performances, but believe me, the drama has been great.  And the Saturday & Sunday performances were packed to the max, so I’m glad we made the other ones.  I did get the DVD for the Saturday performance, and the Wednesday.  One for us and one to send to Paul’s mom.

My family came out on Friday night to see Sarah perform.  After each performance there was a chance to be baptized.  My niece said she wanted to be baptized.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.  We went out for a snack afterward, and just had an all around great day with my family on Friday.
All the performances are now done, and though right this second Sarah is tired, she said she is glad she did it and might do it again.  Though she might work behind the scenes next time, helping with props or something like that.  We are all going out to a buffet restaurant once hubby gets home from work, which will be soon.  We are having a blessed Resurrection Sunday.


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