First day of our week

Well, today we finally got back to our lessons.  For those who don’t know, my husband works retail, so his schedule changes every week.  The kids do lessons 4 days a week, with our ‘weekend’ being whatever 2 days hubby has off.  Plus the kids and I always have Sundays off.  Last week I gave the kids the whole week off for Thanksgiving, and then hubby had Monday and Tuesday off, so today was the first day of our week.  Believe me after 11 days off, it was a bit of a struggle to get up this morning early enough to get things rolling.  But once we were up and moving, it all flowed really nicely.

I actually got my workout in this morning, I do Leslie Sansone’s walking DVD’s.  I was really going good with them, getting 3 – 4, 3 mile walks in every week.  Then I got the call about my niece getting in an accident.  Two days later my dad was admitted to the hospital from complications of a burst appendix.  When those things settled down, hubby started physical therapy for a neck issue he’s had for years.  I was going to PT with him for over a week and then Thanksgiving.  Goodness, just typing it all makes me tired thinking of it all again.  🙂  So with all those things going on, it really can wreck havoc with someone’s schedule.  That’s why actually getting my workout in felt so good.  It kicked my butt, I was totally tired afterward, but my body feels better when I move it more.  I do such stationary work, it really feels good to move around.  Plus with my shoulder and back issues, they don’t hurt nearly as much when I’ve worked out.

Besides the kids doing their lessons today, Paulie had open gym time.  He really looks forward to going to that.  The kids had to shovel some more snow today too.  Not as much, plus we are warming up a bit, so hopefully some of the snow will start melting.  And Sarah drove for the first time today in the snow.  She did great.  It wasn’t really slick, just very slushy.  I’m glad to finally get her first time out of the way.  She’ll be driving more often now.  Again, with all the hospital things that came up, we couldn’t get in as much practice for her before the snow came.

I’ve been diligent to continue to work on my cross-stitch Christmas projects.  I’m on the last one that needs to be stitched, then I have to finish putting them together.  I can’t say much more because they are gifts.  But I will take pictures to share after Christmas.  I think my first project after this will be a crocheted baby blanket for my nephew and his new bride.  They are expecting their first baby in February.  I still need to find a quick and easy baby blanket pattern to try.  I have the yarn, so it will be easy to start, once I have the pattern.  I’ll be honest, as much as I like cross-stitch, I will be glad when I’m done and don’t have to do any more for a while.  🙂

Well, I think I’ll go ahead and end this.  Don’t really have any photos to share, it was just too busy of a day to take and/or edit photos.  Tomorrow should be slower, so besides my projects, h0pefully I can take some pictures to share.

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