First snow of the season

Yep we got our first snow of the season. Now, that doesn’t mean it is winter here or anything like that, just that our falls are always very interesting. We still have green leaves on the trees and green grass. For us, the snow was only about 1/4 of an inch, and it was gone by afternoon. For my parents, whose elevation is about 1000ft higher than ours, they got 4-5 inches, and it’s still on the ground. But today is sunny, we’ll be in the high 40’s, the next couple of days, in the mid to high 50’s then next week around 60.  After living out here in the Northwest mountains for 6 years, none of this surprises us. It’s just how it is out here. I’m always thankful that it goes away so fast, and warms up so nicely. I’m not quite ready for winter yet.  So here are the pictures of our first snow fall this year.







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