First time flying in over 20 years

That’s exactly what Paul and I were doing last weekend, flying for the first time in over 20 years.  We found out on Tuesday September 2nd that our sister-in-law Renay passed away after a year long battle with cancer.  This is Paul’s brother’s wife, and though we hadn’t seen them in years, we knew we had to get down to Arizona for the service.  As we looked at air fare we could only afford one ticket, which of course would be for Paul.  But my dad was adamant that I should be there with him and they helped us out with another ticket.

I was looking forward to seeing Paul’s family again, we haven’t seen most of them in 20 years, since at our wedding.  But neither of us were looking forward to flying.  We had to take a small plane from our little town to Salt Lake City then a bigger plane from there to Phoenix.  We did ok on the flights, though we were happy when we finally landed.  🙂

We got a rental car and then stayed with Paul’s sister.  They have a beautiful home in the mountains of Phoenix, and it was such a pleasure staying there.  I also enjoyed driving around the city.  I really got to know the layout and highways and really enjoyed seeing everything.  It was a horribly sad reason to have to go down there, but we had such a great time seeing family.  We do hope to be able to go down again this spring, though I think that time we’ll drive.  😀  lol

Paul and his sister Laura.
Laura’s backyard.
Such a pretty pool, and yes, we did swim in it. 🙂
Their home is beautiful, isn’t it?
Such a lovely view of the mountains.
Yes, Paul has one big family, and we were still missing 2 of his brothers and about 4 grandkids of his brothers. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “First time flying in over 20 years”

  1. beautiful pictures. wouldn’t mind living there at all. so glad you could go together but don’t blame you with the flying part. I would rather drive too. Thanks for sharing a special time with family. Love

  2. So sorry for your loss. But seems that in those sad times there are so many good things–like being with family.

    Funny that you don’t like flying and don’t do it often. I don’t particularly like it either, but have flown nearly every year for most of my life.

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