First week back after spring break

Our spring break finished up great last week.  We were so busy, lots of fun with family and friends, and just a great week off.  It would have been better if the weather had cooperated, but it was still good.

This is our first week back, and it’s gone pretty well.  I think both the kids and I are ready to be done with lessons, but we will finish strong.  I have officially gone through all our curriculum and marked ending points or made sure the curriculum would be finished by the end of the year.  Except for possibly Sarah’s math, we’ll be done by May 28th at the latest.  It feels good to have an exact date, and that the kids know when they will stop.

Sarah is busy with the musical rehearsals, and they are going great.  Three more weeks and it will be over, musical and all.  She is having fun, but being it’s her first thing like this she’s ever been involved in, I can tell it’s taking a bit of a toll.  I think she will do another one, just not one right away.  🙂  It’s a lot like I feel after working with our VBS.  Its so huge and so much to do, and at the end of every year I always tell Paul, “I’m never doing that again!”  And then the next VBS rolls around and I’m doing it again.  🙂  I guess like mother like daughter.

Paul’s work has been going well, and his hours have stayed pretty steady.  He still needs to get a part time job, and that bums me out.  But I keep trying to leave it in the Lord’s hands.  We are looking forward to his vacation time this year, even though we can’t go anywhere.  Not sure when he’ll take it, but to have a paid vacation again will be nice.

Not much else going on.  I’m praying my laptop makes it through a couple of more years.  The lid now has two cracks, and one really bad.  This was suppose to become the kids laptop if I ever got one, that won’t happen if it doesn’t work.  I wonder how much it would cost to buy & put a new lid on?  Probably more than a new laptop.  🙁

Oh, one last thing, we finally got into the 60’s today!!!  First time this year.  It was very windy, but still it was so nice to be in short sleeve shirt and a sweater when outside.  Plus the sun was out.  It will only last another day or so, but it always feels great when we get our first 60 in.

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