Friday Favorites ~ 11/1

Today my most favorite thing is that I’m heading out to a homeschool’s mom getaway today! I’ll have pictures of it next week for another Friday Favorites I’m sure. 😉


That I’ve gotten more baking and cooking done. It’s really bothered me that I had lost any desire to be in the kitchen. My family, especially Paul, has always been gracious during that time of just barely getting by with homecooked food. Thankfully I’m starting to enjoy my time in there again, and my family is enjoying the fruits of my labor. 😀


Seeing my mom and sister on Thursday. They really came out to see Sarah while she was at work, not me, but it was still a great time. 😉


I am so happy that Paul had Wednesday and Thursday off. It was great to spend time with him before leaving for the weekend. I love the getaways, but always miss my hubby too.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites ~ 11/1”

  1. I pray a safe trip and a blessed fun time at your get away. And beautiful weather for it. It was great seeing you, even tho yes we wanted to see Sarah. haha I always love getting with you and when we come out Tuesday to get my car maybe you and I can have a time together. Seeing you in the kitchen why I was there did look good. Love

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