Friday Favorites ~ 3/27

We used to live in Illinois before we moved here to Idaho 11 years ago.  We live in a very small area now, and though we love it and enjoy the beautiful scenery and area, there are 2 things we miss from Illinois, culture and food.  😀

We have museums and a theater, but they are all on a very small scale.  We miss the Chicago theaters and such, like I said, culture.  But one of the things we missed the most is the food.  The varieties of different foods and restaurants in Chicagoland is something that out here doesn’t have at all.  So the other day on Facebook Paul was talking about missing on of our favorite hotdog places, Portillo’s.  We used to go there all the time and obviously they don’t have any here in Idaho.  Well a friend of ours saw Paul’s post and decided to have some Portillo’s Hotdogs sent out to us.  They were everything we remembered and so very yummy.  It was nice to have a taste of Chicagoland again, while still in Idaho.  😀

Paul was so excited when the UPS truck finally showed up.
We kept the hat.
Packed with dry ice.
All the yummy food sent to us.
Paul’s 3 hotdogs. Ok, no he really didn’t eat 3 hotdogs, he actually made another one too, and ate 4. 😀
He just couldn’t wait.


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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites ~ 3/27”

  1. They do look good can’t blame him for eating right away. Its good to do that once in a while. Love

  2. How sweet for his friend to do such a loving thing! I love Chicago pizza. They just opened a Giordano’s about 45 minutes from me, near family. I hear the waits are ridiculous. I will have to be patient a little longer. ,

  3. Looks delicious! Maybe now you all can come up with something similar on your own! It’s better when sent with love from a friend, though, I’m sure!

  4. I don’t think I knew you lived in Chicago once. We lived there in 1986. That “we” is my growing up family, not my husband and I. I learned to drive there–hated the traffic at the time, but once you know how to drive in that, you can drive anywhere.

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