Friday Favorites

There is only one thing I’m listing this time, but it’s a BIG favorite of mine.

We’ve had the same couch for about 8 years now.  We bought it new back then, a twin-cliner that at the beginning was great.  But after the years went on, the high back of the couch really started to bother Paul and I.  We started to get pains in our necks and shoulders.

I didn’t want to get a used couch that was worn that would just hurt our back and shoulders even more, and with our allergies we definitely couldn’t have a used couch that came from a house with animals.  Each year we would talk about getting a new couch and try to set money aside from our tax return for one.  But for one reason or another the money would always get spent on something else.  Last year we even looked for a couple of months at couches and found what we liked and didn’t like, but still couldn’t get a couch.

After another year of major neck and shoulder pain, we knew this was the year we would get a couch.  We picked a day and went out to a store.  We didn’t even know it, but they were having a major sale.  We looked at a few couches and found one pretty quick.  It was half off and in the exact price range we had.  Normally I wouldn’t buy something that expensive so quickly but after looking so much last year, we knew exactly what would work for us.  Yep, we bought it that quickly.  😀

Then when it came in 2 weeks later it came earlier than we expected and Paul was leaving for his retreat.  We thought we would have to wait about 5 more days before we could have it delivered, but the Lord worked it out perfectly.  We had our old couch picked up at 10:30am, our new couch delivered at 12:15pm and got Paul at the church for his retreat at 12:25pm.  lol  I love how the Lord blessed us with all of this.  We found the perfect couch for us, at the exact price we had and had it delivered in a perfect timing.  Thank you Lord.

Our old couch
Our old couch.
Kids sitting on it one last time.
Kids sitting on it one last time.
It's almost here.  :)
It’s almost here. 🙂
Can you move it to the right just a little?  lol
Can you move it to the right just a little? lol
Paul had to check it out first.
Paul had to check it out first.
Yep, this is what we do on it a lot.  :D
Yep, this is what we do on it a lot. 😀






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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. That couch is so comfortable JoAnn. I love it and the pillows. So glad you could get it this year. God is good as you and I know. Love

  2. Hooray for new couches! I have only bought one in my lifetime. Thankfully my used couches came from my mom, so I knew their history. I am glad you could get one this time. It is lovely.

  3. Too funny! I am sitting basically on your old couches here in my family room…hehe! I don’t think they are exact, but they are really close and I have to giggle.

    Love the new one and know that it will bring you many years of comfort.

  4. I enjoyed your story about the couch. It is funny how comfort in living room furniture is really more important than looks. I love love love my armchair, which is just the right size for me, with my longer legs and short back! And our couch is my favourite place for a nap.

  5. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say your new couch doesn’t look nice! It does! Just that we often go for trendy in place of comfort.

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