Friday night house hunting update

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We went and looked at that house again last night, the one we are trying to decide if we want to put an offer on. It really is a nice house, lots of good things about it, and built very strong. But the layout is still not what I’m use too. I’m really use to a more open layout, and though this house wasn’t a ‘tight’ layout, like some we’ve looked at. I just kept wondering how I would feel living in it every day. And I just couldn’t get past the point that it’s not as open as our house now. If you go by square foot, the house we looked at last night is double our size (it had a finished basement). But the house we are renting now just seems more open. Ugh, it’s hard to explain. Anyway, Paul and I prayed about it, and since we are not 100% on it, we’ve decided not to put on offer on it right now. We are going to keep praying and looking and see what the Lord brings. Truthfully, with our budget, I’m not sure we’ll find the kind of layout I’m thinking of. But for now we want to pray and keep looking. Like my dad has always said, I’m a woman who knows what she wants. I think sometimes that’s not always good.

So we decided no more looking at houses this weekend, we are taking a break from it all. It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and a beautiful weather weekend for us. Paul and the kids are taking me anywhere I want for lunch tomorrow, so I’m thinking Perkins. And today we are just enjoying family time before church. I like time like this.

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