Fun Family Day

The weather by us has been unusually warm.  The nice weather is going to be leaving us this Monday, so we decided to go out today and enjoy it.  Paul has today and tomorrow off, so we are actually having a weekend off.  We packed up a picnic basket full of sandwiches, chips and some water and headed off.  We went to a lookout point about 30 minutes from our house.  It was windier than we planned up there (this lookout point is higher elevation), but it was still so nice.  We enjoyed our lunch, saw the beautiful scenery and took lots of pictures.

After our lunch, and pictures, we headed to a local reservoir near the lookout point.  We’ve never been to this reservoir before, but it was very nice.  We took some more pictures then headed back to town.  We decided to get a coffee and walk around the mall a bit.  It was fun to see some people already Christmas shopping.  Plus the mall already has all the extra booths set up, and there is a board game booth we really enjoy looking at.  Lots of board games we want to buy.  We usually try to get at least one new board game a year.  After that we came home and watched Toy Story 3 again, we saw it in the theater.  We haven’t bought it yet, we got it from Netflix.  That movie always makes me cry.  It’s been a great day.  Here are some photos of our day.  Hope you enjoy them.

Our picnic:


Some snow on the mountains.  There was more the other day.

Shots of us at the overlook and reservoir.




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