Fun things for my camera

I have been blessed this past week with so many fun things for my camera.  I’ve also been so busy I haven’t been able to take many photos, but I’m hoping that changes next week.

My parents, after seeing how much I like my new camera and my new hobby, decided to help me out with some things.  They bought me a new camera bag and Photoshop Elements.  And do you see that stack of magazines behind the Photoshop box?  My friend gave me those, they are back issues of Popular Photography.  I can’t wait to read some of them.

My LowePro Sling camera bag.  This bag is such a blessing and I’m really enjoying it.

I can’t wait to try Photoshop Elements, plus read some of those magazines.

I feel like I’m set with my camera and can’t wait to start taking more photos.  I’m also taking a DSLR photography class through my church at the end of July.  The man who owns the store where I bought my camera goes to our church and he’s having a class there.  It’s 2 nights, 6 hours long.  I can’t wait to learn more and more about the many ways to use my camera.  Paul is going to take the course with me too, that will be so much fun.

I’ve been hoping every day that I could get out and get some photos taken, but my schedule just hasn’t allowed it.  I get a few taken here and there for Mommytography, but I’ve really wanted to get out for a good time of just taking photos.  I’m hoping this weekend.  Hubby is off Saturday & Sunday.  We are going to the Farmers Market and to buy some Fireworks on Saturday.  The town is about 30 minutes from us, a town I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.  I’m hoping to get some good photos when we are up there.  Then I hope I have time to play with Photoshop and post them.

Oh, speaking of Photoshop, there is also a photography club here in town that a photographer friend of mine went to last night.  She said the next meeting in July is going to be about using Photoshop.  I think I’ll go with her so I can learn some Photoshop tips.  Again, the man who owns the photography store gives a Photoshop class, but I would have to rent a laptop from him to take the class.  My laptop won’t run Photoshop, only my desktop.  And I don’t really want to have to pay extra to rent the laptop.  So I think I just might take Tracy’s class sometime in the future to learn some Photoshop tips.  First I’ll see what this presentation shows me.

Well, I have some other things I’m trying to get done before hubby comes home.  Then I think we are just going to sit back and relax and watch a movie together, just him and me.  It will be nice to relax with him tonight.


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