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Last week was a fun mail week!  First, I received my copy of The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  I’m always so excited to get this big print magazine.  I love reading the bi-monthly digital issues too, but there is always something fun about get the paper magazine in the mail.

Believe me it's way bigger than this picture shows.  :)
Believe me it’s way bigger than this picture shows. 🙂

The other exciting thing that I received this week was my new table!  I had found this table that I really wanted at Amazon about 2 weeks ago.  I put it in my cart to buy it, but by the time I got around to finishing the transaction the price had jumped $43.  I wasn’t about to pay $43 more for it so I just waited.  About two days later the price finally dropped back down.  I ordered it immediately!  😀

About a week later, after Paul and I had come home from grocery shopping this is what I saw by my desk.


It was quite heavy but it was a fun family project to put together.


This is the table I was using.  Just a simple utility table, and it worked pretty well.  But it was a little short so it would hurt my shoulders sometimes.  Plus it didn’t look to nice.  But I usually try to make do with what we have, but I am so glad that we finally got to replace it.

This is my nice, new table.  I love it!



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6 thoughts on “Fun things in the mail”

  1. Oh wow love that table solid and nice looking that Old Schoolhouse magazine is nice looking too. Looks like it would be a good read. I’m so happy you got things you wanted. Enjoy them Love

  2. Wow, what a beautiful table! It’s such a blessing to have things that work well and are beautiful too. I hope you will enjoy your couch as well. It, too, is lovely!

    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Oh no Jeannie, I didn’t get a new table because the old one didn’t still work or look good. Actually it’s still in great condition. Paul just hated the fact that I had to use a utility table for my crafts and work. He wanted me to have a desk, with more space and that looked like a desk. 🙂 We’ll be using the utility table out in the garage I’m sure.

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