Fun weather photos

We had very thick fog around our house a week or so ago and I knew I had to grab my camera and get out there for some photos. This fog though was a freezing fog and it was fun trying to get some cool close up shots while it was still frosty out there.

We have been having such an odd winter.  All our snow is gone, we’ve been getting rain and we are in the 40’s!  Believe me, for most winters we always have snow, and if we get to 32 we are having a heat wave.  To have no snow, rain and 40’s is so weird.  I really hope we don’t get dumped on in late March or April.  lol

Look how little snow we have.
I always do like taking different shots of the field behind our house.
Playing with the different things to focus on. I think I like this one the best.
But this one looks good too.
Trying so hard to work on my up close shots.

DSC_0010 I actually miss the snow.  It seems so dull and brown outside.  I like the vibrant white of snow.  I know there is a lot of snow in other parts of the US.  So what about you?  Do you prefer your winter with snow or without?

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1 thought on “Fun weather photos”

  1. You know my answer to that last question. I like it at Christmas time just before and just after, then it can go away. hahahaha those were great pictures. Auntie Charlotte has over 40 inches of snow and more coming. ugh You do take awesome pictures. Have a great day and I pray I see you soon. Been to long. Love

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