Fun with fingerless gloves

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I’ve been having fun making fingerless gloves for others.  My friend who took our family photos on Wednesday asked for a black pair.  I had already made her a pair last year but she uses them alot and wanted a different color.  Plus, since she won’t allow us to pay her for when she takes our photos, so I gladly made her some.

Then Sarah heard I was making a black pair fingerless gloves, and she wanted a pair for herself.  Of course I started a pair right away.

This is the second glove, I already have one done.
This is the second glove, I already have one done.

I have a few other people in mind that I will be making some gloves for.  Plus I have some other projects I want to start soon too.  Maybe even another pair of gloves for myself.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “Fun with fingerless gloves”

  1. I love how you do those gloves. I need to see if I can but haven’t had the time lately. Maybe once this week is done. Loved being with you yesterday. Keep doing those crafts. Love

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