Hair Cuts

Yep, I did it, I got my hair cut. Sarah and I decided to have a mother/daughter valentines day. We wanted to get our hair cut, and do something different. And Sarah especially wanted to get the same haircut, so we would match (what a sweet daughter). I wanted to get my hair cut to shoulder length with long layers, Sarah was going to do the same, and then add some bangs. We went to a new salon, that was highly recommended and it was a nice place. When we were talking to the hair dresser about what we wanted done, she asked if I wanted to donate my hair to locks of love. I said yes, without really talking much about it. Well, after she cut my hair, because they have to do such a ‘blunt’ cut, and my hair is so thick, it took a lot of cutting and such to make it look nice. Well, that made my way shorter than I ever planned on getting it cut. So, though I think it is a great cut, and I’m blessed my hair is going to locks of love, it is taking a little bit getting use to it being so short. Sarah’s hair wasn’t long enough for locks of love, without making it too short, so she just cut hers. Actually, the way Sarah’s hair turned out was what I was thinking my hair would look like. So even though our styles are taking a bit to get use to, we do like them. And we are showing you the pictures we took at the salon, because I don’t care how easy they say it is to do, I can never get my hair to look the same way the hair dresser does it. So here it is, the new do.

In the car, ready to go in.
IMG_0018Yep, that’s my hair in my hand.
IMG_0020Half way through.

The finished hair-do (if you look in the mirror you can see the back too.

Sarah’s next.

First cut

Sarah’s hair.

All done

So that was our day. Then we went church and shocked everyone with our hair. It was fun.



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