Holidays, Birthdays and Sickness

Well, it’s been an interesting week here in our household, the title says it all.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with some dear friends. We spend every Christmas Eve with them, and this time another family and a single gentleman shared it with us also. It was a wonderful time of food, fellowship and friends. I was blessed with some sweet gifts from my friend, one of the sweetest being a background cloth for my pictures. She sewed a light piece of material and a dark piece of material together for me to use as a background when I take photos. Our carpet is a speckled blue color, so is our couch, it’s hard to take photos with that. I never have any solid colors to use as a background for pictures of things I make. I mentioned to her that I wanted to find something like that and she made me one of my own. I’ve already used it of course. She also bought me a remote for my camera. But it turns out so did my husband (my friends and family know me so well). So I returned the remote my friend bought me and finally got myself a portable CD player for my audio books! 😀 I am so excited about that too, and I’ve used it multiple times already.

Christmas day was a lazy, stay at home, just us four, fun day. Everyone loved the gifts they received. Besides the camera remote I received a bit of money, some movies, a devotional and other fun things. Hubby and the kids loved the things I got for them. We had some yummy ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, lots of cookies and candies and of course eggnog. I was pretty good, and didn’t over eat too much. It was a blessed day, and I went to bed Christmas night looking forward to the 26th so I could take down all the Christmas decorations, clean the house, make a birthday cake and get ready for Paul’s birthday on the 27th. I knew the 26th would be busy, but it would be a good busy, that is if I ever got to do any of it, but I didn’t.

About 2:00am I woke up, at first not knowing why I woke up. Then I realized my stomach wasn’t feeling too good. I laid there, praying it was just too much rich food from the past few days and that it would settle down. I knew within a few minutes that wasn’t the case. Even after the first time of getting sick, I was still hoping it was what I ate, but truthfully I knew better. I’ll spare you what happened for the rest of the night. Hubby said his stomach wasn’t feeling the best either, but he got up around 6:00am to start getting ready for work. That’s when we heard Paulie run into the bathroom and start getting sick. I knew now it wasn’t anything we ate, and that it was the stomach flu, because Paulie hadn’t eaten anything that we ate, he had his normal nuggets for dinner. I was waiting to see if I heard Sarah, but at that point, she was fine. We were all praying she would stay that way.

Paul started work at 7:30am and when I heard my phone go off with a text message at 8:30am I knew it wasn’t going to be good news. He said, “Move over, I’ll be sharing the bed with you in a few minutes.” 🙁 Yep, the stomach flu took out practically my whole family in one day. Thankfully Sarah never got sick. It was some good training for her, and she took care of us, the house and the laundry. She was a little lost sometimes because she wanted to do things with one of us, but believe me, none of us were up to doing anything but lay in bed. So much for getting the house ready for Paul’s birthday.

By the night of the 26th I had kept some crackers and toast down for half the day, so I prayed I was on the mend, but we all knew there was no way we were going to take Paul out to lunch the next day for his birthday. None of our stomachs could handle it, well except for Sarahs. 😉 We did feel better on the 27th, just that weak feeling, but we had a good day. Paul still wanted to take down the Christmas decorations, so we did that pretty quick. Actually it was nice doing it when he was around, it went a lot quicker. He opened up the gifts we gave him, and enjoyed every one of them. We actually went out and did a bit of running around too, just not eating out. We were quite worn out by the time we got home, but I’m so glad we were on the mend by then. We were sick once on his birthday about 8 years ago and I didn’t want that to happen again.

The 27th we were all feeling more ourselves and we got to take Paul out for his birthday lunch, going to the local Italian restaurant he likes and that’s when I made his cake. I also got my first paycheck, which was quite exciting. All in all it was a good day, and I’m thankful we didn’t have to wait too long to fully celebrate his birthday. He said having a two day birthday was lots of fun anyway. Here he is with his birthday cake. I caught him when he was giving me a silly smile.


Today I finally got to scrub down the house and organize a bit. It was a beautiful day today, around 50 with sun and all our snow melted. Completely unusual for us this time of year. But we enjoyed it, and we’ve been able to open up the windows too (we’ve been warm for the past few days), that’s been very nice to air out the house.

We’ve been busy with some other things, and at times we feel like we are getting colds, so this year we are staying home for New Years Eve and relaxing. Usually we get together with friends, but truthfully, none of us are up to it. My stomach still feels off every once and a while, and like I said we sometimes feel like we are getting colds. We don’t want to wear ourselves down any more, so we’ve decided this year it will just be us four, having some fun, counting down the new year at home together. It will be a blessed time just being together.


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4 thoughts on “Holidays, Birthdays and Sickness”

  1. Glad everyone is on the mends. Also glad your realizing just stay home and rest. Its better all the way around. Thanks for sharing. Love

  2. I am sorry to hear you all had the flu over Christmas. I am glad you had a nice Christmas though. I am loving my Android. It’s fun to learn new technology, although I feel so behind!

  3. Sorry to hear you were all sick. Glad you’re on the mend now.

    Happy New Year!

    I’ve been at home today with a sick child. Not sure if I’ll be able to go to church tonight either.

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