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Well, so many have been asking me, and really I should have blogged about it sooner, but just didn’t want to. We lost the house we put an offer on. It was a module home, meaning it was built in a factory, then they are moved in two pieces to the property, secured to each other and to the foundation. With the type of loan we have to get it stipulated that the house could only have been moved once, from the factory to this address. After much searching, we found out that it had been moved more than once, so we couldn’t get the loan. It is hard and a huge let down. I was so ready to be fixing up my new home all summer, but we trust in the Lord. Obviously this is not the house He had for us.

We are still looking, though I will admit, not as regularly. Doing this whole house offer and such, we found out that interest rates are going back up. We have now come to the sad conclusion that the window of opportunity we had to by a home is slowly (well actually quickly) closing. With the interest rates low, we could get more of the type of home we wanted, not in a tight neighbor, with a nice view. But now that the rates are rising, we are about at the point where the only thing we can afford is a tight neighborhood house, and we are not sure we want that. So, though we are still looking to see what’s out there, and of course continuing to pray, we do wonder if we are just suppose to keep renting and not own a home. Which, besides the let down of not setting up a new home this summer, renting is o.k. with us. Oh, of course we would like to own, but we have never owned, and we are doing just fine. Regardless of what we think anyway, it’s in the Lord’s hands, and we are trusting that He will show us the direction He has for us.

So now that our summer has taken a completely different direction, I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. I did finish reading the Love Comes Softly series last night, it was great. Thankfully our library had all the books, so I didn’t need to buy them. It really was a good story line, and I’m glad I got to read it. I don’t think I’ll be starting any kind of new series anything soon. When I start a series, I get totally wrapped up in it and just keep reading and reading. When I read just a fiction book, and it’s not in a series, I tend to slow down a bit. So I have a couple of non-series books I might read.

But I have also started a crochet project. I’m crocheting my own shawl. Reading a series set in the 1800’s where all the woman are always wrapping themselves in shawls before stepping outside has really got me wanting one. I chose cotton yarn because I prefer the feel, and I found a pretty simple pattern online I’m trying. I’ve just started it today, and right now it’s only the size of a Barbie shawl . But at least it’s started, and it does seem pretty simple. Hopefully I’ll actually finish it. And of couse I’ll share pictures when I do.

I’m keeping busy helping out with the beginning stages of VBS at our church this summer. The actual VBS isn’t until July, but I’m helping with computer work, registration, things like that. There are some other family things we have planned, so we’ll keep busy. Just getting use to the fact that we won’t be packing, moving and setting up a new house this summer.

So that’s about it for now. Thanks for all your prayers. I’m going to have to start dinner soon, then off to church tonight. Have a blessed weekend.


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