I feel summer break coming on :)

Though we are still ‘officially’ doing school lessons, truthfully our school year is just about done. The kids have finished all their major subjects, and they only have an hour of some simple subjects left. And I realized today how quickly they are getting done with the few subjects they are working on. They were both finished before noon. That’s pretty quick for them. So I told them we could go to the library before our play date at the park with other homeschool moms. And before we left I realized I wanted some simple fiction books to read. Usually when I go to the library I get computer books, craft books, books that help me ‘do’ something. But when summer comes I always tend to get reading books. It’s never really a planned thing, it just happens. So I’m at the library trying to figure out what book I want to read and I come home with 3 different, very thick reading book (and one ‘doing’ book ). And that’s when it hit me, I’ve started my summer reading time. Like I said, it’s never planned, but it just starts. Now that I don’t have to get up at a certain time, work with the kids, have a schedule, I tend to read more. And if I get into a good book I can read for hours. I really like to read. I figure, it’s the same as sitting and watching a movie for two hours, right?

After that we went to the park and I had some great fellowship with mom’s from my homeschool group. The kids got to run around like crazy, and we all got some much needed fresh air. I truly feel like summer is here. I have a stack of books I want to read, I go to the park with the kids every week, and I don’t have a schedule I have to follow every day.

After the library and before the park I wanted to drive by some houses that just came on the market. As I was driving by one of them I realized it was right in the ‘down town’ area (it’s not like a big city down town, but it’s down town none the less). Anyway, it was about 4 blocks from the library, so in walking distance, and about 2 blocks from a park. The house itself had practically no yard at all, but it was cute. And it dawned on me, maybe living in a neighborhood, wouldn’t be so bad. See this thought process all started earlier this morning. Paul and I were talking and I said I didn’t want to try and start a garden, I think I’ll just try to buy our produce at the farmers market. To which he answered, “No problem, I know you don’t like gardening.” And I said, “Well, neither do you,” which he agreed whole heartedly. Then I was talking to my girlfriend later and I started wondering why we even want a house with land. We aren’t homesteaders, I don’t want to do a garden, we don’t want chickens or animals at all. So the only reason is that we just don’t want people on top of us. But then again, taking care of a big yard isn’t my idea of a great time either. And I like the idea of being able to walk to places, like parks, stores, even the library. But yet I don’t like the idea of no yard and neighbors right on top of me. Is that crazy? I’m not a country girl, I’m definitely a city girl, but I want some country space. So is there such a thing available? Maybe not, who knows.

Ok, well that’s just my rambling thoughts from today. Now it’s time to read a book before I start some dinner


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