I had a whole other entry written

but then as I finished typing it, I realized I didn’t really want to publish it. Typing it out helped me think through some things, and I guess that’s all I needed to do it for. But not for sharing with you all, sorry.

We have been busy, but it’s a good busy. Lessons have been going well this week. Some attitudes, but mainly it’s smooth sailing. In three weeks we have our first school break.  We are taking a week off for Thanksgiving, I seriously can’t wait. We’ve been schooling for three months straight, except for maybe one day off, and maybe one half day. I just want some days I don’t have to wake up and think lessons, grading, schooling. It all gets a bit much sometimes. And I think this year, since I’m starting to keep track of Sarah’s grades for her highschool transcripts, it’s more time consuming. I’m in a bit of a flow with it all, but still, I’m looking forward to the break. So are the kids. Truly they are doing great, and attitudes are doing well. But I know they could use a break too.

We got to go outside for one more park day with our homeschool group. This week we are in the 50’s and today we hit 60!  That is almost unheard of around here this time of year. It’s been so nice though. I’ve sat outside a couple of times today, just to enjoy the weather. It will only last a couple of more days, and once the sun goes down, the temps drop pretty fast. But I will take all I can get.

I’m almost done with the Christmas gifts I’m making.  I can’t actually believe I’ll be done this early. I should finish the last of it tonight while watching the World Series with hubby. Then I can start working on our yearly letter, family pictures (already taken) and Christmas cards. Goodness, it’s shocking for me even to write how much I have done. I’m really hoping to just enjoy this holiday. Bake cookies and snacks for the kids and for Paul to take to work, play with the kids outside in the snow, and just relax. Not run around trying to finish everything up at the last minute. I’m not done with it all yet, so we’ll see how it goes and if I can really accomplish it or not.

Well, I guess that is enough of an update for now. Hubby will be home soon and of course the World Series tonight. Really hoping the Philies will beat the Yankees tonight and continue the series. As the little kid in the movie Angels in the Outfield use to always say, “It could happen.”


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