I was playing today, can you tell? :)

Today is my lazy day before a busy couple of days coming up. I am involved in our churches woman’s Christmas program, and because of that I have about 4 real busy days coming. So today was my day to play, and I have finally stopped worrying about my website, and got back to the simplicity of changing around my blog. I wanted a nice winter theme, and I think I like this one. The only reason I say “think” is I just can’t decide about the dark background. But since it’s not on the area we read, I think it will be fine. We don’t have any snow on the ground yet, but we are cold today. Woke up to zero degrees outside. But we are in the 20’s now. Just another normal weather day in Idaho. I am a little bummed. I put plastic on our windows yesterday, to keep the cold out. We do this every year, and it usually works just fine. I usually use the product from 3M, but the Ducky product was on sale in the fall, so I bought that instead. I think that was a mistake. After using the hair dryer on the 3M stuff, it was always so clear looking, you could barely tell that any plastic was on the windows at all. With this other stuff, you can tell, and it almost looks a little blurry. Not sure if I’m just not feeling good today (because I am real tired) or if it’s the plastic, but I feel like every time I look out our bedroom window my eyes start to hurt. And I hate the fact of having to spend more money getting the new stuff. Putting it up isn’t that big of deal, we do it every year. And thankfully it’s only on 3 windows, we only put them on the bedroom windows. But still it’s a pain to have to re-do it all. But oh well, at least it’s keeping the cold out right now.

Let me know what you think of the new look. Hope you are all having a blessed week.

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