I’m done!!

Yep, I’m finally done with my crocheted yarn bag. It was so much fun to make, and really so very easy. I’m still learning how to neatly crochet in the round, and the connecting part looks pretty messy. Plus it’s a bigger than I was thinking it would be, but it’s perfect for fitting lots of different skeins of yarn in it. So what do you think?


I thought the scalloped edges look nice. I attached the straps on the inside instead of the outside. I still want to add some small flowers on the outside, and I hope to do it soon. Ok, so who’s kidding who, I probably won’t do any more work on this bag because I’ll be busy with other projects. 😀 But I still like it.

This is what I’ve been carrying my yarn in. 🙁

I like it in my new bag a lot better. 🙂

I’ve also started a new bag. I’m making this one a little different. I’m using half double crochets instead of double crochet, and I’m using the same colors for two rows instead of one row. As much as I like my big yarn bag, I don’t always need to carry around that much yarn. So I’m making this new one smaller, for when I’m working on simple projects with just one or two skeins of yarn.

What do you think?

It’s a lot neater and I’m finishing the rows a lot better.

Even though I’m crocheting a lot neater with the half double crochet, it’s starting to ripple a bit. Maybe I’m crocheting too tight, not sure. But I think it will still work fine. I’ve been having some free time to listen to my audio books and crochet, which is nice, getting these done. The only issue is I’m starting to feel it in my elbow, think I need to take more breaks. 😉

I’ll probably make one more small bag after this. I think Sarah would like one for her yarn, so I will make her one. Then I can’t decide if I’ll stick with crocheting or switch over to some embroidery. I still need to finish that one cross stitch project I was working on, but I might try my hand at some doodle stitching instead, we’ll see.

Well, I’m off to work on my bag. It’s been a long day, and relaxing with some crocheting will be nice. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “I’m done!!”

  1. Oh wow fantastic I love the bag. You did a great job and the colors are beautiful. Wow I’m in awe. Thanks for sharing that. Makes me want to try one. Love

  2. Oh JoAnn I love that bag!!!! It’s beautiful! and the smaller one looks good too. congratulations! You’ve done a great job. Love, Auntie Ella

  3. Yay!!!! You did a fabulous job! I’m so happy for you! So, how are you with all of the colourful goodness? I know that you stepped out of your comfort zone with this one. I think it’s stripey goodness. :O)

    Can’t wait to see the little one all done! Keep on hookin’…. :O)
    Shani xxx

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