Is it really August 7th already?

It has been a busy, fun, relaxing, busy, enjoyable, rushed, restful summer.  And yes, I planned on saying busy twice.  😉   But I also can’t believe it’s about time to start up school.  As I sit here writing this, I really should have my planner out and start working on Paulie’s school schedule for the  year.  I’ll probably start that when I’m done.

It feels strange this year.  Sarah will be 18 in 5 days!  Though she has enough credits after 3 years of high school to graduate, there are still 2 courses she needs to take, and 2 that she wants to take.  But there is a good chance she’ll be done around January or February.  And being that she is almost 18, we’ve left her whole schedule up to her.  She has seen me make our school schedule every year, so she is pretty confident on making her’s herself.  Actually, she has already started school!  She really does like school, and started it a week or so ago.  Only doing it when she feels like it, but it will put her that much ahead come next year.

So that means I am mainly responsible for Paulie this year.  His is the only schedule I need to work on.  It feels so strange.  I know next year, when I really only have one child left in school will feel really odd.  But this year feels odd too.  Knowing that all I’ll be doing for Sarah is grading one or two things, and mainly putting her grades in the grade book.  Times are a changin’  😀

But I’m enjoying this time with my kids too.  There have been some emotional times, maturing times and growing times, but I really am enjoying the teen years with them.  I love seeing the things they are doing, areas they are growing and fun they are having.

I’ve been reading and listening to some good books.  You can see what I’m reading here on my Goodreads site.  I also finally succumbed to it and I joined Pinterest.  I never wondered if I would like it, I knew I would, and I do.  I was just worried about getting sucked into it too much.  I can see how that could easily happen, but I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t.  😉

Sarah and Paulie just changed rooms, and though that sounds like an easy thing, it involved a lot of painting first.  Sarah’s room was purple when we first moved in this house, so she automatically got that room.  She was finally ready to move, so we painted it 3 times to cover up the purple!  It looks nice now, and Paulie doesn’t have to have purple walls in his ‘boy’ room.  lol

Though we will be starting school next week we still have a lot of fun things planned.  Of course Sarah’s birthday, which we will probably be celebrating this weekend some time.  A few days before her birthday.  Then we have the family reunion in 2 weeks, where we will be celebrating my dads 90th.  So even though it’s August 7th, we still have a lot of fun things planned, whether we start school or not.

And just to show you some of the fun we have been having, this picture is of Paulie going down a 200 foot slide that our church set up for a fun church day.  Paul had to work, and Sarah and I didn’t make it down the slide, but Paulie had a blast.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is it really August 7th already?”

  1. Wow, 18! That is wonderful that she can take over. Good job, mom! We will be starting with you, ready or not! I feel out of it with this surprise move to deal with. Great shot of the slide!

  2. Happy Birthday to Sarah!

    I know the feeling JoAnn, I think it’s harder on us moms than the kids, very bittersweet. The waterslide looks fun, that was nice of your church to do. And enjoy your last few weeks before school — summer is going way too fast!

  3. That slide looks fun! It’s been rather cool here the past few weeks, so our pool sits there waiting for “summer,” lol. I can sooo relate to what you wrote about teens and graduating and all.

    I have one left in school, and this is hopefully his last year. It really does feel strange and it can be very emotional for us who’ve spent our whole lives with our kids, to let them spread their wings and fly. We pack up Jacob and bring him back to school (four hours away) next week, and it seems just too early–he worked (nights) all summer and we never saw him. 🙁 At least tonight is his last night, and after a good sleep tomorrow, we get him all to ourselves for a few days!

  4. Happy Birthday to Sarah! Wow! I only have four years until my daughter hits that milestone.

    Speaking of joining things…I reluctantly joined FB this week. Talk about how easy things can suck time. I’m really trying to restrict mine. I wouldn’t have joined (Have been holding out for years!) but needed to to get information about a homeschooling group. Too bad that people only use FB to organize things now. Now that I’m on, I can see some of the advantages, but still see that time is precious, and we don’t have endless amounts of it. Needing to use it wisely.

    1. I agree Karen. FB is one of my biggest time waster, for sure. I’m trying to cut down on using it, but it can so easily suck me right back in. 🙂

  5. I hope you’re enjoying the start of school! It’s a strange feeling when a kid grows up, isn’t it? I only have the three youngest girls this fall, and I know we’ll miss our son, but at least he’ll only be gone during the day.

    Just think: Most moms go through this when their kids are 5, not 18. We’ve been blessed to have 13 extra years with them! 🙂

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