It’s been a good day

Things are going pretty well after our crazy four days.  I stayed home on Monday, got some cleaning done, kids did their lessons and I sat on the phone for over two hours with the cell phone people.  Turns out my cell phone is shot, and they are sending me a new one.  That’s good, but I have to wait 3-7 days before I get my new one, that’s bad.  I’m using Sarah’s cell right now but I can’t wait until I have my own again.  And thankfully I still get to keep my same phone number.

About the only thing that ‘happened’ that day was my niece went back to the emergency room because of dizziness and her chest hurting a lot when she was coughing (she’s susceptible to pneumonia).  My sister didn’t need me up at the hospital, but I was ready just in case.  My friends stepped up and helped me again, as they always do.  My friend took Sarah to and from her bible study on Monday afternoon so I could finish getting things done here at the house.  My niece was fine, all the xrays and CAT scans done on Monday came back just fine.  It’s all just the things she’s dealing with because of the concussion.  My sister plans on taking her to a neurologist to help with the pain management.  It’s all good, but still lots to keep an eye on.

I also got caught up on grading all the kids work they did while I was gone, getting it entered into my excel grade book and all my other paper work done.  So my desk was cleared off, the house cleaned, the laundry done, my niece ok and I actually got to do some cross-stitch that night.  Dad was fine, actually eating solid food at the hospital, that was a big step.  The only other thing that happened was my sister called in the evening to say my nephew’s pregnant wife was going to the ER because of pain in her stomach area.  It was the same hospital that my dad was in, so I planned on seeing her today if needed.  Turned out she wasn’t admitted.  Mom & baby is fine, she’s only 6 months along, and it was a real bad bladder infection and a pulled muscle from vacuuming.  Thankfully she got to go home with medicine and she’s doing good.

Today Paul, the kids and I went down to see my dad.  Since he’s been doing so well, eating solid foods and all, they decided to ‘discharge’ my dad and move him downstairs in the hospital to the extended recovery area.  We got to see the room, and it’s a nice big room.  He should be very comfortable there.  We helped mom get all his things moved down there, and of course the nurses would help move dad himself down.  We had such a nice visit with my dad.  The kids were so happy to see their Grandpa Bob, and Paul had such a nice talk with him.  It was great seeing dad again, but he is still not walking much, that bums me out.  Paulie couldn’t hug dad because Paulie seems to be getting a cold.  But at least he got to see him.  I found out dad fell out of his chair last night and hit his head, but he’s ok.  And then today he tripped and pulled his drain tubes a bit.   🙁  Goodness, I’m just glad he’s ok.  I got to see them getting dad started on his move, then we left.  It was going to take time for him to get settled, and I know he would want to get settled with just him and mom, so we left.  I’m just so glad that Paul and the kids got to see him today.  My sister plans on going down there in a few days and I’ll try and get back down there this weekend if not sooner.

We did realize he’ll be in the hospital for another week, and that’s at least until next Tuesday or Wednesday, possibly even on Thanksgiving.  We’re hoping they will be home before then, if not, we’ll get down there to be with them that day.  Thanksgiving.  Goodness, it’s hard to believe that’s next week.  I didn’t even realize it until Paul said something about the turkeys and ham are on sale so I can buy them now.  I was thinking, why so early?  He says, “Hon, Thanksgiving is next week.”  😯  I’ll be getting our food this Friday, but I still can’t believe it’s already next week.

Thankfully Paul has today and tomorrow off, then the kids will finish their lessons by Saturday and we’ll be off until the 29th.  I started taking a full week off for Thanksgiving because of all the baking Sarah and I do.  It will be nice to have the time off, to relax a bit, and to just do some family things.  We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, and I want to start some baking too.  Paul will be working a lot this holiday season, but we are ready for it.  We are enjoying our time together when he is home.  Then after the first of the year, his schedule should slow down, dad should be fully healed and if the weather is nice we’ll head out to spend some time with family.  Well, that’s the plan we have right now anyway.

I should get off this computer, I need to get some cross stitching done.  I still have 2 1/2 projects left and need to keep up with them since I haven’t worked on them in a week.  Plus hubby and I are watching a movie together waiting for Sarah to get done at her bible study.  Paulie is in his room playing some games and resting a bit.  I do think he’s getting a cold.  He really wants to make gymnastics tomorrow, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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