It’s been a good day

And so far a pretty good week. I did pull my back a bit on Monday, but I’ve been resting it for the past couple of days. On Tuesday Paul told me to just sit and relax all day, his exact words, “Watch Roku and relax.” I am all for submitting to our husbands.  It was good to sit on the heating pad and rest my back. The kids did their lessons, and Paul even brought home dinner for us. I love that man.

Paulie was starting to get a cold yesterday, and today woke up not feeling well. So we took today off and didn’t do any lessons. The kids watched some Dick Van Dyke shows on Roku and played some board games. It’s so great to watch our kids laughing and enjoying such a simple show. It really is funny, and the kids enjoy it. While they were relaxing, I did some organizing of my craft area. I had bought some crafts with some Christmas money I received, and they came last week. They’ve just been sitting on my craft table, along with other things that found their way there.  So I went through and organized my new beads, my craft table, markers, pens, pencil etc… It looks nice and clean now and felt good to get it organized. I like to organize. But sitting at that table half the day, made my back start hurting again, so the rest of the afternoon I had to sit on a heating pad again. The kids again helped out with laundry and things, and Paulie rested too.

Sarah made some taco soup for dinner, and then Paul took me out for coffee and pie. We found this new place, a family restaurant, kind of like a Perkins. We only had an appetizer, pie & coffee, but it was a lot better than the other place. It was nice to find a new place, and just spend some time together. He’s such a sweetie, and it was nice to get out for a bit.

Paulie is feeling better, and I’m sure we’ll have lessons tomorrow. My back is feeling better, and as long as I don’t hunch over a table too much, I should be fine. We are going to the library tomorrow, the kids and I are looking forward to that. I’m already thinking of some different craft books I want to look for, and I know the kids have their own lists too.  So all in all, it’s been a good day and a good week. Hope you are having the same.


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