It’s been a good week

Wow, talk about going from winter to summer.  We did have a nice spring, but yesterday summer hit with full force.  And as usual we waited to long to put in our window A/C.  So Sarah and I had to work on it in 90+ degree weather because it was so hot.  Paul wanted to do it when he got home, but I was just too hot in the house, and we don’t have a basement.  Thankfully we got it done, and though we never really cooled off the house, it did make it more comfortable.  And by us it cools down considerably at night.  So we opened our windows and cooled the house off over night.  Now today, another 90 degree day, and I have the a/c and fans started early, and it’s quite comfortable in the house.  After all this work, tomorrow our high will only be 75.  But we are suppose to shoot back up into the 90s again, so I’m real glad we got it done.

The kids are going to walk in our local Fourth of July parade this Monday for our VBS float.  I haven’t decided if I’m walking in it or not.  It’s also suppose to be another 90 degree day, thankfully the parade starts at 10am.  If I walk it, it will be hard for me to take pictures, so that’s why I’m thinking of just letting the kids walk it.  Plus, honestly, Paul will be working that day, and I’m really not looking forward to spending the morning at the parade without him.  It’s times like this that retail bother me.  But I keep remembering all the good about it, and I feel better.  We are hoping to spend either Sunday or Monday with some friends celebrating the fourth, but I have to wait for Paul’s schedule this Friday before we know which day.

I’m working with my mom’s cricut and cutting out little characters for the kids to glue on their picture frames during VBS.  The kids are helping me, and though the cutting is easy, getting all the little cutouts off the paper is kind of time consuming.  But we are in a Star Wars trilogy marathon, so that helps.  Then we have a VBS meeting tonight.  I’ll be done with VBS work for a day or two then.  Paul has tomorrow (Thursday) off, so I won’t be doing any VBS work on that day.  Then on Friday I have my next dental cleaning and check up.  I’m really praying my gum disease is still healing and that surgery is still not needed.  But I’ll face that road on Friday.

Sarah will be going to get her license next week.  We were hoping to go tomorrow, but the man who does the driving test in our old town (yes there’s only one person who does the skills test, that’s how small our old town was), is out of town until next week.  Sarah is so bummed, but she is willing to wait until next week.  She would rather go to the town my sister is a dispatcher in, and is a smaller town for the test.  I don’t blame her.  Thankfully out here we can test in any county we want.  I’m excited for her to get her license.  I know I’ll be nervous the first time she takes off by herself, but I’m so very proud of her too.  She is a great driver.  I know she’s nervous about the test, so if you think of her next week, can you keep her in prayer?

I’ve been having a great time with Photoshop Elements 9.  I am so blessed my parents bought it for me.  It just makes so much more sense than the other program I was using.  I’ve already learned some great techniques and I’ve made new headers for both of my blogs and a couple of different watermarks for my pictures.  I want to learn more, but truthfully I don’t have as much time to spend on it like I want to.  After July 15th, I’ll be completely done with VBS, then I’ll have about a month before school starts that I can really play with it.  Not that I won’t be playing here and there until then.  🙂

Speaking of pictures this is one I took at a farmers market we went to.  They make their own pottery, and they make sinks like this for you to use in your home.  You buy the sink separately than the cabinet.  I thought this one was real pretty.


And if you want to see more of my pictures you can go to my other blog or my flickr site.

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