It’s been a week since….

Yes, it’s now been a week since we disconnected our satellite tv leaving us with no more than 4 channels, and absolutely no baseball on tv. We did buy the years worth of audio baseball online, and we joined Netflix, plus use the library. So how are we doing without tv? Are we surviving or going through withdrawals? Well, I won’t lie and say I don’t miss it, I do. I miss being able to pick anything to watch, whenever I want. I miss actually ‘seeing’ baseball games so I know what’s going on with them. And I miss it the most at night when I just want to ‘veg’ in front of the tv and I no long have Nick at Night to veg out too. But it’s not all bad. Paul and I are actually watching more movies together, and it seems like we are doing more as a family too. We’ve sat outside the past few days just talking, gone for car rides, bike rides, played basketball and just enjoyed each others company. Now, we had planned on starting to do more things like that anyway this spring and summer anyway. So is it because it’s what we planned on doing, or is it because we no longer have the pull of the tv on us? I guess maybe a bit of both. But I will say, when we can’t mindless turn on the tv, it makes you think more about what you are going to do. I will also admit that the first few days we overcompensated and both of us were on the computer way too much. Like, all the time. We have since realized that we were using the computers in the same mindless ways as we had the tv, so we’ve stopped that. Now when we are on the computer there is a purpose for it. So after the first full week I would say this is probably a good thing, though right this minute if I thought we could afford satellite tv again I would probably get it. But I will admit that feeling seems to get less and less as the days go by. Maybe in a week or so I won’t feel that way at all. My friend Kristy said the first week is the hardest, and she was right. Maybe next week I won’t be thinking about not having tv so much.

We’ve had a great weekend so far. The weather has been so nice yesterday and today, so we’ve been doing lots of outside stuff, even if it’s just sitting outside reading or talking. We should be doing some yard work, but truthfully we just weren’t up to it this weekend.

I do have a prayer request I would like to put out there. As strange as it may seem, since Paul and I will be married for 15 years this June, we have never owned a house. We’ve always rented, knowing that us choosing for me to stay home, owning a home was something we were going to have to give up. We’ve toyed with the idea off and on through the years, but have never acted on it. Well lately, we’ve thought and prayed about it, and we feel we are actually suppose to take the first step to see if we can get pre-approved for a loan and for how much. This is a very huge step for us, and we are actually shocked that we are even taking that step. There are many times I just want run ahead and make calls and such now. Thankfully Paul has a much more stable way of approaching things and keeps me calmed down. We have a very good, Christian friend who is a realtor, so if we get to that point, we’ll use him. Right now he’s suggested two very good mortgage companies in town, and Paul and I picked one that I will call on Monday. So we are at the very baby steps of seeing if we can even qualify for a loan, especially since Paul was recently laid off and only at his current job for about 4 months. Then if we do qualify, we’ll have to see for how much.

We have some very specific thoughts on what we want in a home. And even though this is our first home, it’s not going to be a short term home. If we do buy, we want it to be something we’ll be comfortable in for years, not something we’ll feel we need to sell in a few years. But also stay in our budget of what we want to spend, even if we are qualified for more. So because of our very specific thoughts and desires on what we want, and the fact that what we want might be more than we can qualify for, then we just might not buy. I know that can sound very picky, but in this stage of our life, it’s what we feel is best. I mean, we will settle on some things, but not on many. But with the prices and interest rate the way it is right now, and being a first time home buyer, we really feel if we are going to buy, this is the time.

So whenever you think of it, could you keep us in prayer. I’m really praying that we can get qualified on Monday and for a decent price. We’ve already drove past some really nice possibilities, and would love to look inside of them and not just see pictures online. But again, we are not taking that step until we know if we are approved and for how much. I will try to update you on Monday or Tuesday, when we know something. Thanks.

Well, I should go get some leftover pizza and get ready for church. I don’t usually blog on the weekends much, but I had the time and thought I would do a quick update. OK, so this wasn’t really quick, but it is an update. Have a blessed weekend.


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