I’ve been playing :)

Yep, I’ve been playing a bit and did a major overhaul on my website. I’ve changed the look to something I’m hoping is a little more simple, minimal and fresh. Those who know me know its more color than is ‘me’, but remember what I said about my crafts, I’m trying to branch out with more color. So I thought I would try it on my blog too. Color yet simple. 🙂 What do you think?

Besides working on my website I’ve been busy with home life, lessons, work and being with my family. I made cauliflower soup today and it actually tasted pretty good. Of course I had to add some cheese ;), and I only had a small bowl, but I did eat it, it was good and I will eat it again.

We’ve also been busy looking for a new couch. Honestly I’m quite disappointed in what’s available and the prices. We don’t have too many furniture stores in our town which makes it hard. We just want a simple, low back, firm couch, with non pillow cushions for the back. You wouldn’t believe how hard that is to find. Plus the fact that the prices for the ‘simple’ couches are outrageous. Seriously, I am shocked at how much couches cost, and a bit disheartened. We really need one, but I’m thinking it might not happen this year. 🙁

I’m a little worried because my laptop’s media reader is no longer reading my camera’s memory card. 🙁 I think the drive still works, since it can read my point and shoots memory card. And my desktop can read my Nikon’s memory card, but not my laptop. It’s really strange. I think I’m going to get a new memory card for my Nikon, which aren’t cheap, and hope that’s it. My laptop is still under warranty, but I really don’t want to have to send it in for a card reader issue. At least my camera is working fine and still taking pictures. It’s just so weird. I downloaded all my pictures on the 29th and it worked fine. On the 3rd I went to download more and it doesn’t even recognize the card, so strange. So because of that I haven’t been taking too many pictures, since I’ll be having to get a new card soon. But you know I can’t leave you without a picture. So here’s one I took on the homeschool mom’s getaway I went to last year. My friend who went on the photo shoot with me on the retreat.


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3 thoughts on “I’ve been playing :)”

  1. Your new look is very nice. I like the photo you have in the upper right hand corner of the path. I love pictures and photos of paths; they always intrigue me. Good luck finding your sofa, like Jeannie said above, the clearance area of furniture stores is a great place to look. Or, do you have craigs list where you are? I’ve seen a lot of “living room” furniture that has been barely used, go for a very reasonable price. The fabric may be a bit dated, but a slip cover and some pretty pillows and you could make it all yours. Best wishes on your hunt.

  2. Well, you did it! I’d like to tinker with my blog, but have decided to just let it go for now. I’d end up burning too much time. I hope the card is the issue and not the reader. I wonder if they just wear out. I’ve had trouble with the one I bought for my phone. I can’t take it back, so I am stuck with it. Every once in awhile without warning it decides to go blank.

  3. Nice peaceful blog look.

    That’s too bad about your camera. I hate how technology does that. If you only used paints and brushes, you’d know exactly what was wrong…but then, you would take days to get just one picture. I hope you soon manage to solve the problem.

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