Jeep update and more.

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Quite a bit has been going on, lets see if I can keep my list short and sweet.

Our Jeep is finally fixed, but not until it got worse first. Our mechanic said we could drive it, from what he knew was wrong with it, so on Saturday Paul and I decided to take it to WM and do some shopping. We should have know when it had trouble starting before we even left that we shouldn’t drive it, but alas, we ignored it and drove it anyway.  We had a great time at Wal-Mart shopping and just enjoying each others company. We came out, loaded up the Jeep with food, including things that needed to go in the fridge, and went to start the Jeep, and it wouldn’t start.  It was quite a time, and truthfully very funny. My niece stopped by to help, but by then the auto guys from WM came out and gave us a jump. This event showed us that it was probably the battery causing all the problems, but also showed us we couldn’t drive it anywhere. We had church that night and plans on Sunday evening. Church is close enough, so the Paul and the kids rode in the back of the truck. On Sunday it was to far to drive for the kids to be in the back of the truck, so we all piled into the truck, with Paulie sitting on my lap, driving the 10 minutes to our friends house. I won’t go into all the fun details of either trip, but believe me, it was funny and definitely made some fun family memories. Our Jeep finally was fixed by Thursday evening, it didn’t cost too much, and it’s been driving beautifully since. I am so happy to have my Jeep back, but I have also become more thankful for our truck too.

I finally changed web hosts and now my site works great. I like the new host site very well, and I’m thankful that my site is up and running, and that my emails work fine. I’ve been very busy with that situation and working on website things for our homeschool group. So between all of those things, and regular life, not much time to blog. I still have homeschool group work to do, but things are starting to slow down, thankfully.

We have our homeschool groups back to school picnic tonight, but I’m fighting a cold right now.  Paul had a cold yesterday, and we had to miss a bible study last night, and now I have his cold, and might have to miss the picnic tonight. I’m thinking if I physically feel up to it, we’ll go, but I’ll just hide in a corner somewhere, so I won’t get anyone sick. And I won’t ‘make’ anything for it, we’ll just pick something up at the store. At first I felt guilty that I wasn’t making something homemade, but Paul said it was silly to feel guilty about it, so I wont’.  Plus it looks like it might rain, so it might be moved from outside to inside at our church. I guess we’ll just have to wait for tonight to see what happens.

Our lessons are going well, and we really seem to flow through our days, which is very nice. The kids are enjoying their subjects, and it’s funny watching Sarah with grades now. I never really ‘graded’ anything before, I just would check it and let them know how they were doing, etc… But now that she can actually see a grade, and see an F sometimes, she is trying a lot harder. She doesn’t like me having to mark down an F . Plus it’s like a little contest with herself, to see if she can do better than the day before. I think this grading thing is going to be nice.

We have quite a busy month coming up. Lots of homeschool group activites, work and church things. But I really do enjoy doing things like this. It was funny, during all my website issues and work I had to do for our homeschool group, I would talk to Paul about my issues and such. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “Even with the problems, you enjoy it all, don’t you?”  To which all I could answer was, yes.  I really do enjoy the work, and I miss it sometimes. I use to do computer work before I stayed home with the kids, and having to do it now is fun. Speaking of which, I need to go write some code for the homeschool website, I best get back to work.


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