Jet-lag without flying???

Funny title isn’t it?  I was chatting with a friend online today.  I haven’t chatted with her in a while, so we were trying to catch up with all that’s been going on.  I was talking with her about how tired I’ve been, and how guilty I’ve been feeling because I don’t think I’m getting much done around here lately.  I’ve been so tired, physically, emotionally and spiritually lately.  At times I just can’t really focus on what needs to be done.  My mom was over yesterday, and she was even noticing how I was just saying, “I don’t know” to questions like what I want to do or what I want for lunch.  So as I’m chatting with my friend about this and she was trying to encourage me to take it easy, and relax a bit.  That with this major schedule and routine change it’s somewhat like jet-lag, and it’s going to take my body time to adjust.  It was so encouraging to hear those words.

See I thought I was just being ‘weak’ with the whole thing.  I mean, so my schedule changed, lots of peoples schedules change, is it really that big of deal?  But it is, and I needed to hear it from my friends today.  I had talked to another girlfriend today too, who was telling me the same thing.  (I can be a little slow sometimes, the Lord knows I need to hear it from more than one person. ).  So one of my friends suggested that I write down all that I did today, since I was feeling like I wasn’t doing anything.  That has helped a lot.  And I’m doing like my friend said, I’m giving myself permission to stop being so hard on myself, and not to expect any kind of ‘perfection’ for another few weeks, at least.  She also reminded me that I’m just getting over my shoulder injury too.  So yes, I’m giving myself permission to let things go, and not worry so much.  To know that my tiredness, all aspects of it, is ok.  And to rest when I can.  Don’t know why that’s so hard for me to do, but it is.

Well, besides that stuff, we went out for a ride in the mountains the other day, just Paul and I.  It was a lot of fun.  Plus I’m starting to have more fun with my photography.  We took some pictures from up in the mountains, it was a cloudy day, but I think I still took some good pictures.

The kids and I are trudging through the last two weeks of lessons.  Truly I don’t think the end of a school year has ever dragged quite like this one has.  Plus, the weather, that was so nice, is cloudy, rainy and just plain cold.  It will be nice when lessons are done, and the weather is nice again.

We played a board game tonight after Paul came home, that was nice.  And Sarah made dinner tonight, her first time making ham and potato soup.  My shoulder is feeling better, but last week I was throwing my purse into the back of my vehicle, and I felt my shoulder pull a slight bit again.   Then when I was chopping some things for dinner a few nights ago, it was still sore.  I’m thankful I’m not at the beginning again with my shoulder.  But I am being careful not to overwork it.  So I had Sarah make dinner.  It’s nice that she can do that now.

Ok, now it’s time to watch a little tv with hubby then get to bed.  It’s a busy day tomorrow, and I am tired.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I will leave you with some photos from our mountain drive.

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