Just saying Hi. :)

I haven’t had time to write an entry, but all of a sudden this morning I miss it, and all of you who read my blog and leave sweet comments.

Things have been going good. I’ve tried to pick up knitting again, learning from the books I got from the library, and it’s just not going well. I’m trying to learn how to do the continental way of knitting instead of the English way (which is the most common way). Doing it the continental way you hold the yarn in your left hand, and there’s not as much movement in your arms. When I did knit years ago (I’ve always preferred crocheting over knitting, but I liked knitting once and a while), it was starting to hurt my right shoulder, which I injured years ago. So I’ve stopped knitting, but when I heard about the continental way of doing it, I thought maybe I could try it that way. But so far, it’s not that easy to do. I sort of understand the knit part, but doing a purl, well I just haven’t figured it out yet. And the books I’m using have great pictures, but my hands just don’t want to move they way the ‘should’.  So I’ll give it a couple of more tries and if I can’t do it, I just will probably not knit, or only knit very rarely. I’m thankful that I can still crochet, I really like crocheting.

I’m also in the mood to make some scrapbook pages, though I don’t have a current album I’m working on. I just love the idea of scrapbooking, but can never seem to do it. I think the only thing I think about is the money it will cost for the albums. I’ve been blessed with lots of the embellishments, tools and things like that. Just no place to put the pages. But I guess I could always do some pages, put them in sheet protectors, and just wait until I can afford some albums. I think I’ll try that.

Lessons are going well and I’ve been blessed with a week of getting together with friends. Tuesday I got together with a friend for coffee, and today I get to meet another friend for lunch. They are both new friends, and I’m blessed that I get to have time to get to know them more. And it’s nice to know my kids will finish their lessons while I’m gone, and school won’t be thrown off by my not being here. I’m really enjoying this stage of their lives (though it does seem to go pretty fast).

We have some beautiful snow around here, and I really want to get some pictures of it to share with you. I just haven’t made it out to our back yard where you can see the mountains. So I’ll leave you with two pictures from our day trip last summer. With all the snow we have right now, it’s kind of hard to believe it’ll be like this again, but it will happen soon.




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