Keeping busy

Its hard to believe that its February already.  It’s been a busy beginning of 2016, but so far all good things that are keeping me busy.

Here is something you may not know about me.  When there is a big project I plan to work on, everything else seems to go on hold, especially in my mind, until that project is done.  I get through the bare basics, knowing that this project is waiting, and I never feel like I can get on with other things until this project is done.  But yet when I have time to work on the project, I don’t always do that, so things are just kind of in a stand still for me.  It’s not like that with all projects, just certain, big ones.  😀

In our living room we had a big computer desk with a desktop computer and lots of clutter on it.  We pretty much stopped using the desktop, since we all have laptops now.  And with the size of the desk, it always took up quite a bit of room in our living room, and we felt it was time to make some changes.

Paul and I talked about it and we confirmed we didn’t need the desktop anymore, and without the desktop there was no need for the desk.  So in December we decided to clean up the computers hard drive, clean off the desk and get rid of all of it.  Yes, that was in December!  Unfortunately most of this project was on me, since I’m the computer tech in my house.  We cleaned off the clutter of the desk, but so many other things vied for my time that cleaning up the hard drive and getting the computer ready to be given away was delayed.

I finally got some other things finished up, and this past week I said to myself “That’s it, we are getting rid of it all, this weekend!”  We actually have 2 desktops we needed to get rid of.  The main one in our house and one in the garage that we had never gotten rid of.  So starting this past Friday I cleaned up and wiped out all info (yes even the hidden info) from our desktops hard drive.  Since it was used the most, it took hours for the program to clean it all off.  Which is fine with me, I want to make sure everything is gone.  🙂  Then on Saturday, I got the older one cleaned off.  With that done, I put everything on FB as things we are giving away.  Then I grabbed the kids before they took off on Saturday night and had them help me get everything into the garage.  Finally, everything was done and gone!

I rearranged my work/craft area which is in our living room, and I have to say, I think it turned out so well.  It feels and looks more open.


Of course now I want to get rid of that old file cabinet and get one that matches the rest of our furniture.  But I’m realizing how expensive a nice size file cabinet costs.  Oh well, at least I still have one.  And now that my big project is done and I can start working an other things, like my crafts and photography.  I just couldn’t focus on anything else until I had this done and out of the way.

I have no other big projects planned right now, so that’s nice.  Of course, who knows what will come up in the future.  😀

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