Let’s Click ~ 11-17

This weeks shots are very, very random, but they were fun to take.  🙂

I pulled out one of the puzzles my mom gave me last week.  I haven’t done a puzzle in a long time, and starting with a 1000 piece might have been too much.  But we did get the border put together, Sarah and Paul helped.  I have it rolled up right now, no place to leave it out.  I need to pull it out again soon.DSC_0032

If you see me working with purple yarn, it usually means I am making something for my sister.  🙂  She loves purple.  I’m making her some fingerless gloves, special made longer for her.  I have one done already, and the 2nd one started.  I’ll take a picture when they are done.DSC_0034

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I enjoy Deadliest Catch.  I’ve even met Edgar, one of the Hanson brothers.  My sisters children always get her the seasons for Christmas.  And of course, I borrow them as soon as she lets me.  😀DSC_0037

These are my new pink, fuzzy slippers.  I’ve been having some serious heel pain in my left foot.  I haven’t gone to the doctor (and I’m trying very hard not to) but I think I’m dealing with Planter Fasciitis.  I never like to wear shoes in the house, but I knew I needed some sort of cushion, so I bought these very comfy slippers.  I have since put a Planter Fasciitis shoe insole in these slippers too, which has really helped.  I’m praying this will help me be able to start going mall walking again, very, very soon.  My heel is already feeling better.DSC_0039

I love taking pictures of my hubby.  🙂DSC_0040

The picture I posted last week was taken in December when we had a lot of snow.  This winter has been very crazy for us, and almost all of our snow is gone.  This is what the field looks like, no snow.DSC_0042

This picture was a fun picture for me to take.  I needed to take another picture this week and couldn’t figure out what to take.  I grabbed this little candle I have sitting on one of my bookshelves, set it on a fuzzy blanket we have on our bed and took this shot.  I think it turned out nice.  I need to take more creative photos like this.


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Click ~ 11-17”

  1. love your pictures you always do so good. I know carrie will love the fingerless gloves. can’t wait to see them made a little longer. Love

  2. A puzzle! We have not done this yet this year. Must do this! I am knee deep in yarn at the moment and enjoying it very much.

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