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Well I decided not to stress out on Thursday when I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures this week.  I thought, this theme is to show shots of my days, and even if I don’t take them every, single day, I can still show 365 photos this year of different areas of my life.  So that’s going to be my focus with this theme.  I might not take photos each and every day, but I will take photos that show my life and things I’m interested in.  🙂

This is a companion of mine throughout the day. I love listening to my audio books, whether I’m mall walking, cooking in the kitchen or doing crafts. Makes things go so much faster. 🙂
This is my pedometer. It probably would have been better to get a picture after I had walked but I took this before I wore it for the day. It helps me see how many miles I walk at the mall.
It’s a gas fireplace, and those are fake logs, but this fireplace keeps our house toasty warm.
This is the wrist band I wore this past Friday when hubby, the kids and I went to a local fun house and played laser tag. It was such a blast. I hadn’t played laser tag in years. We are already saving up our money and looking forward to going again.
Of course during our breaks of laser tag I played some skeet ball. That has always been my most favorite game when I’m at indoor play houses. lol
My mom is cleaning out her craft room and this is the stuff she had dropped off at my house for me to go through then take to our local thrift store. I controlled myself and only took a little of it. Then I blessed some of my friends with it and gave the rest a way. My mom is such a blessing.  P.S. watch for my Wordless Wednesday post to see how little I kept.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Click ~ 6 – 11”

  1. hahahaha oh my gosh seeing all that in your living room, I just couldn’t help but laugh. Glad you could give some away. My craft room is looking better. Still a long way to go, but coming along. So glad you and your family could play laser tag. You always have such fun together. Keep it up. Always enjoy your pictures. Love

  2. You are so blessed with all those amazing bags of craft stuff to go through!
    I want to get a ped o meter again. I have had two in the past and they both lasted about 6 months. I must be hard on them. What brand and make do you like?
    Thanks for the nice comment on my photos. I wish I could use our very good camera ( Nikon D70) It needs to be repaired. Very expensive repair. So I am using a very old Nikon Coolpix. ( it was my son’s) It is very hard to get good photos with this little camera. I call it the camera that can! Cause it is always amazing to me how good the photos turn out.

  3. I’m feeling the same! Except that I am having a hard time with the randomness. Though, I really do love seeing it when others do it. Wish I could walk again – I miss that!

  4. I have dropped off the “taking photos every day” bandwagon too. I would love to take more, but when all you see is more and more snow every day for a month, you kind of run out of things to photograph. We’ve been kind of housebound too a lot of the time because of road closures and bad weather…just hasn’t been a picture-taking time.

    What I need to do is start taking more photos inside.

    You are an inspiration to me in that department.

    1. Karen, I have been failing terribly this week to take pictures. I’m just not as creative with indoor pictures either. 🙂

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