Life in progress

Yep, sometimes life just keeps you away from blogging, and I think that is a good thing.  It’s all been good things, just busy, but I wanted to give a quick update.

I’ve been having lots of fun getting new fun things for my camera.  I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I would like, but again, life has just been crazy.  Paul has off this weekend, and we are going up to a new town on Saturday.  I’m really hoping to take some pictures up there.

I’ve been busy with some VBS work.  I am also borrowing my mom’s Cricut again and making some small cutouts for VBS.  It’s part of a jungle theme, so I’m making little bananas, trees and other little jungle cutouts.  The kids in VBS will use them to glue on their photo frames they make for craft day.  It will be fun, but I need to get started and see what kind of cutouts I have.  We also helped work on the VBS float today.  Every other year our VBS puts a float in the Fourth of July parade in our town.  It really is fun to walk the parade with the float, giving away candy and things.  But of course we all need to help build it too.  We could only help for a couple of hours today, but it was fun.  The woman who designs it is so talented.  I love seeing how she puts things together.

My mom visited us this week.  It’s always so much fun spending time with her.  The best part was we got to just relax at my house and chat a bit after lunch and shopping.  We don’t get to do that too much, so I really enjoyed that.  We also went to park day with our homeschool group.  It was fun, a good time of fellowship.  I took some pictures there, still trying to get use to Photoshop with editing them.

Paulie taking a break from playing tag with some friends.  Lots of little kids there they had to watch out for.
I got Photoshop Elements 9, and it is quite a learning curve.  Of course I’m very tired right now, so trying to learn a new program is probably not the best thing to be doing.  I didn’t do much to the picture above, just added the text with my copyright.  I am looking forward to learning the new program, hopefully sometime soon.

So that has been whats going on in my life.  Hope all is well with everyone in blog land.  And I hope you hare enjoying your family and summer break.


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