Lots of fun

Yep, I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been having lots of fun with my new camera.  I actually took it out of auto mode the other day, and I’m really having fun learning all the new features of it.  It’s a bit overwhelming at times, but all in all I’m having fun.  We went out yesterday and took some pictures.  I’m learning what my new lens, the 55mm to 200mm, will do.  I still get confused on which lens to bring when I go out to shoot, but it’s still fun.  The first picture is using 55mm and the second 200mm.

The I took this one because truthfully I like the colors of the water tower.

I’ve also been busy with VBS things.  I’m about done with what I have to do for a while.  But I think I’ll be using my mom’s Cricut machine again this year to make some cut outs.  I’m learning not to take on more than I can handle.  Last year it took us way to long to get everything cut out, this year, I’m not saying yes to too much.  It’s not easy for me to turn people down, I always want to say yes, but I’m learning to say no more and more.

This morning I decided to go for a bike ride instead of a walk like I normally do.  We usually bike in the neighborhood next to us, but today I decided to bike to our local park that has a green belt.  It was a nice bike ride.  I got home, and immediately realized I lost my cell phone!!!!  It’s a pay as you go phone, so I knew if anyone picked it up, it was lost forever.  The kids jumped on their bikes and we all started to re-trace the paths I had taken.  I was praying and reminding the Lord I didn’t have another $80 to replace this phone (like He didn’t already know that).  I was pleading with Him that we would find the phone, then I stopped my pleas.  For the first time in a long time, I prayed, “Lord, if it is lost, help us to get through not having my phone and possibly replacing it.”  I truly was trying to leave it in the Lord’s hands.  I knew it would be hard if my cell was gone, but I also knew the Lord would help me if it was gone (or broken).  It was a huge step for me since I usually just pray how I want the Lord to ‘fix’ things.  But I’m trying to learn to pray His will, not mine.  He knew my heart, that I really wanted to find the phone, that it wasn’t stolen or broken from falling on a concrete path.  But I also knew I had to leave it in the Lord’s hands, and that’s what I tried to do in those few minutes I was praying.

By this time we were at the green belt path.  I saw one women I had seen earlier and asked her if she had seen a cell phone, she hadn’t.  I kept biking, stopping at the next women I had seen earlier.  I asked her and she had seen a phone!!!  Her and another lady I saw earlier had seen it on the other side of the path.  The kids and I took off, running into the other lady and she said it was still on the ground next to a bench.  They didn’t know what to do with it, figuring the person who lost it would come back for it.  The first bench we passed was soaking wet from the sprinklers the city had running.  I prayed that if it was by that bench it was ok, but it wasn’t there.  So we took off too the other bench and sure enough, sitting in the soft grass was my cell phone, ringing (Sarah was calling it)!!  🙂  I just immediately started praising the Lord and giving Him thanks.  I thanked the ladies as we passed them again on the way home and then I really started thinking about how the Lord had protected my phone.  It could have fallen out where it was wet, and my phone would have been ruined.  It could have fallen out on the hard cement and broken completely.  Or someone could have taken it.  The Lord truly protected something as simple as my phone, and I am so thankful that He did.  But I’m also thankful He helped me to pray for His will in the whole situation.  And believe me, from now on I’ll be putting my phone in a safer pocket.  🙂


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