More adventure from our weekend

Well in my last post I wrote about all the fun we had at my parents house.  We went shooting, ate way too much food and got to see all the family.  We left on Monday afternoon, after another great meal and had some great weather to drive home in.  During our time with my parents there was a major dust storm, so our Jeep was pretty dirty and we decided to go to a car wash.  We were a few minutes from the car wash when I casually scratched part of my head.  I felt a bump but thought maybe it was a pimple or something.  While we were sitting in the car wash, as the car was getting washed, I leaned over to hubby and asked him what the bump was.

I realized right away as quiet as he was there was probably some sort of bug in my hair.  He looked at it for a few minutes, pulled something out real quick and wanted to get rid of it but we were in the middle of the car wash.  I looked at him and he said, it was a bug, the same kind that was on my leg last Saturday.  Well the bug that was on my leg on Saturday looked like a baby tick.  Ugh.  So we finished the car wash, Paul was trying to keep things (and me) calm so he threw the bug out the window later.  But once we got home, he looked more at my scalp and we just weren’t sure if the tick had burrowed in or not.  We called our doctor, and they wanted us to come in the next day to get a tetanus shot & have a nurse look at my head.

I was a little stressed on Monday night, but I was truly trying to trust in the Lord.  I took a shower to clean the spot (as was suggested by the doctor’s office) and we started checking all our other jackets, clothes, shoes & even the car.  And during all of this I kept thinking, we should have checked when we left the country area my dad’s cabin is in.  When we lived out there we always checked ourselves for ticks after coming back from his cabin.  It’s way in the middle of no where, bushes and brush all over.  We know there is a chance of ticks, but we have gotten lax and haven’t checked ourselves the last few times we went.  We will start checking again from now on.

I woke up on Tuesday, not really looking forward to the shot I was going to have to get, but what troubled me more was that Paul couldn’t go with me to the doctor’s office.  He was always able to find the spot on my head where the tick was.  It was sore, so I could feel it, but he always found it.  It was about 40 minutes before he had to go to work and he could tell how nervous I was that they wouldn’t be able to really see the spot.  He told me he wanted to go into the doctors office right then, so he could go with.  Have I said recently how much I love that man?  So we quickly got things together and headed out the door.

At the doctor’s office we got in pretty quick, a nurse started looking at my head and wasn’t sure about it, so she called another nurse over.  She looked and thought it was a tick bite, that it was red and warm and that I should probably have the doctor look at it.  That really wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I was so thankful hubby was there so they could actually see the spot.  They took my vitals, gave me the shot and put us in a room to wait for the doctor.  Paul stayed as long as he could, but I wanted him to get going so he wasn’t late for work.  He left, though he really didn’t want to.  About 5 or so minutes later the doctor came in.  He’s been our doctor for years, so when he came in I was talking to him about how yucky it was I had a bug in my hair.  I like hiking, shooting and enjoying the outdoors, but not the bugs.

Anyway, he looked at my head, started pressing around in different areas (which thankfully didn’t hurt) and put some ointment on it.  He said he had talked to the nurse, but from what he saw, he didn’t think there was anything to worry about.  He wanted me to keep putting ointment on it, watch and make sure that no other part of my head started hurting.  And I need to watch to extreme fatigue and/or achy joints.  You don’t know how much I wanted to scream THANK YOU LORD!! right in the office.  I finished up with the doctor, and got out of there as fast as I could.  I knew I would still have time to call Paul and let him know what the doctor said.

By the time I called him he had already called three of his friends while driving to work, telling them what happened and asking them to pray for me.  I couldn’t believe he got through to 3 of them in such a quick time, but I was so thankful he did.  I know the nurse thought she saw something worse than the doctor saw.  Did the Lord heal me from the time the nurse looked at my head to the time the doctor looked at my head?  Maybe.  I have absolutely no trouble believing that.  🙂

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