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I remember when I first started blogging I blogged practically every day. I didn’t think “Well, I just put out a post yesterday, so maybe I should wait.” Nope, every day I wrote about my day. Even if there wasn’t much to say, I wrote. It was fun, but somewhere along the line I quit doing that. Mostly I don’t post daily because of time constraints or I’m busy with other things. But I’ve noticed that lately when I want to post, even if it’s nothing ‘big’, even if it’s just rambling, I talk myself out of it. 🙁 I start thinking, well I just posted yesterday or the day before, and I don’t know if everyone saw that post yet or not, so I better not post another one. I think I’m starting to get to caught up on comments again. I want to give people time to comment on my other posts, before I start a new one. I need to quit thinking that way. I need to post when I want too, and hope that people see all my posts through their blog reader, or whatever way they choose to read my posts. Why do I get so caught up on things like that? I don’t know. Oh well, even though I don’t think a lot of people saw my last post from Sunday, here is another post about nothing in particular, just me rambling. 😉

Hubby had today off so he went with me to JoAnn Fabrics, I really enjoy when he does that. I almost bought myself some of those crafting gloves, but they were $15, and I wasn’t ready to spend that amount. Has anyone ever used them? Do they really work? What kind of brand do you use? I guess I think of using them because at times my hands get tired or a bit sore crocheting (or whatever I’m doing). Just not sure yet, I would love to know if any of you have ever used them. I did pick up some yarn for some fingerless gloves I want to crochet. I found some patterns online that look cute (and hopefully easy). So I’m going to work on them, and a dishcloth pattern I picked up from a friend’s blog. I also got some yarn for Sarah and a book that has different knitting dish cloth patterns. She is really getting into knitting, and thankfully my mom is helping her. I do know how to knit, I just don’t do it to well. My mom knows it real well, thankfully.

Sarah and I are working on things for her hope chest, for when she starts her first home. We are making dish clothes, table runners, dresser scarves, pillow cases and other fun things for her to collect. No, she is not courting anyone, and her starting her own home is no where in the near future (that I know of 😉 ). But it’s fun to start working on things now, no rush, and we get to really look for things we want. She’s knitting some things, I’m crocheting, and then we’ll both work on embroidery things. We are actually just collecting them in a rubbermaid container we bought for her. She has no room for the hope chest I am passing down to her (I got it when I was in 8th grade), so for now we’ll collect them in the container. I already gave her two of the ornaments I was making, so she has her first two Christmas ornaments. 🙂

Well I should getting going, I have bible study tonight and need to get some dinner. Oh, if you think of it, could you please say a prayer for me. It’s nothing I can mention online right now (and nothing bad), but I have had an interesting thing come up that I need prayer for direction. I want to know the Lord’s will for me, and only take a step if it’s what He has for me. Sorry to be so vague, just no other way around it. Thanks.

Ok, let me go look for a picture to share. 😉 I found one. I took this while up in the mountains on my homeschool mom’s retreat.


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  1. Hope you are having a good day today. It’s going to be a quiet one here since dear son is a little under the weather. I will definitely say a prayer that God will direct your path. Blessings. Heather P.S. Thank you for the link to my dishcloth pattern. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you are not doing your exercising yet JoAnn. I agree that you just need to let your body rest. Your scarf is pretty. I like the idea of Sarah’s hope chest. That is what girls used to do long ago to prepare for their own home. I will pray for your special intention too. Love, Auntie Ella

  3. I bought craft gloves a few months ago. I have used them some, and I would say that I think maybe they work–at least they keep my hands warm when I’m working. But since the problem I’m facing is pain in my arms, I can’t say they’ve helped much in that area.

    And I haven’t stitched since I came home from Scotland, so I don’t know how it would be now.

  4. Post away, JoAnn! I like to read what you’ve been up to. 🙂
    I haven’t really got the reader thing figured out (yes, dumb, I know) so I just go around and try to remember people to visit. Very inefficient, and I’m going to learn about the readers next week. See, you’re influenced me in a good way again! 🙂
    A hope chest is a big project, one that we’ve never really gotten into. Now we’re collecting things for Miss 18’s first place, but we’re not really making much.
    You didn’t mention much about your health. I hope you’re feeling better and better. I find I sleep better when the house has been calm and soothing with the fire on.


    Annie Kate

  5. Oh, what a lovely photo, JoAnn! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I can’t wait to see what crocheted and knitted goodness you and Sarah are creating; and what a wonderful thing, to start her hope chest like that. I wish my mom and I had done that. What precious memories you are giving her. 🙂

    Have a lovely rest-of-weekend!
    Shani xxx

  6. I struggle with my blog to and I haven’t been posting very much at all lately. It’s fun to have a place online to share things, but then sometimes I wonder if people really want to know all about me.
    It’s fun to put away things for when you move out and get married. I remember doing that. My daughter is 14, but we haven’t started anything like that yet.

  7. I sometimes think that way about posting on my blog. I’m trying to not worry about it so much anymore. I’m learning to write whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s much easier…..

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