More water fall photos

I know this is my creativity blog where I try to show pictures of the things I’m creating lately, and even my photo creations. Well the things I’m working on lately are our Christmas cards, I’m making them completely homemade. And the Christmas gifts I’m giving out this year, which I’m crocheting. I would love to share photos on here of the progress I’m making with them all, but like I said on my other blog, family members read this blog and I don’t want them to see what I’m making, since it will be for them too. 😉 So when I’m not showing my creations on here, remember that I’m still busy being creative, I just can’t show it all yet. 😀

But I had so many more pictures of the day trip we made to the water falls a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share some more of them.

So many trees in this area. We don’t have trees like this by where we live.DSC_0064

The mist is so pretty.DSC_0079

It’s hard to tell, but that’s the top of the falls. It’s quite a drop from there.DSC_0082

It’s a far way down.DSC_0123

I like the green moss opposite of the water fall.DSC_0134

My hubby.DSC_0150

I really enjoy stair photos. Not sure how I did with this one, but I liked trying to get a good shot.DSC_0159


I love having pictures taken of me and my wonderful husband. 🙂DSC_0219

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8 thoughts on “More water fall photos”

  1. Awesome pictures. Love the stairs. Made me want to climb them. So neat looking. You are doing so great with photography. You have a talent for getting good ones. And even your kids because the ones where both you and Paul are in the picture I would think one of them is taking it. And I know Paul does good with them too. A very talented family. Love

  2. Love these pictures JoAnn. I especially like the falls with the green moss and also the stairs. Great!

  3. Beautiful photos. I especially love the stair photos.

    And I should get some pictures of hubby and me. Thanks for reminding me.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Yes, I suppose it is funny about the rooster. He’s such a character, and we’re all kind of in awe of him. Not Miss 10, though. She got him for a birthday present and she’ll pick him up and stroke him and he won’t mind.

    The rest of us admire him from a distance…and today he was taking such good care of his ladies that made me scream in fright and lock myself in the chicken coop with him spluttering outside. 😉 He was just doing his job, I guess. So when we can get him to be happy, we’re all tickled pink.

    Hope you’re having a happy, peaceful week!

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