My Church’s Woman’s Christmas Concert

What a blessed time I had last night. It was our church’s Woman’s Christmas concert, and it was so nice. I was a greeter, which to me is always fun. I like saying hi to everyone, and help out those who are ‘lost’.  The concert itself was beautiful. A friend of mine wrote and directed a short play for it, and it was done soooo well. I just get shocked how much talent she has. Then we had a guest singer/speaker, and she was real good. We had over 950 ladies there. At the beginning of it was an hour of fellowship with the men from our church being our waiters serving us juice, water and snacks. Hubby couldn’t help this year, but it’s always a lot of fun. It’s nice to be ‘pampered’ a bit like that.

After the concert a group of us ladies went to a local diner and had a blast. Goodness we got silly, I sometimes wonder if they will let us in again.  But it was nice to just fellowship, hang with some friends and just enjoy each others company after the concert.

I am so blessed that the Lord has brought us to this church. For those of you who don’t know, we kept saying no to the Lord about going to this church.  We just didn’t want to go to a ‘bigger’ church and kept driving past it every Sunday for a couple of months after we moved here. Finally, the gas prices jumped so high we ‘had’ to start going here, but we always knew the Lord was showing us we were to check it out. We just didn’t want to listen, but I’m so glad we are here now. We’ve made such great friends here and we so enjoy helping and Paul enjoys working there. Isn’t it great that the Lord knows so much better than we do?

Today has been a nice lazy day. I can’t believe it’s 4:45pm already. I feel like I just woke up. We are watching college football, I’ve been working on some crafts and then we have church in a little over an hour. I got my grocery shopping list done today, so tomorrow after lunch we can run to the store real quick. Being it’s the holiday’s, our food money is pretty low. Thankfully we still have some things from my last shopping, plus it will be a quick and easy shop since it’s a lot less than we usually get.  But this way we can get some gifts for the kids, and like I said, we have what we need, so we are good.

Guess I should get off the computer and work some more on my crafts before we have to leave tonight. It’s pretty chilly out, about 19 degrees out right now and we are to drop pretty low tonight. Lot’s of extra blankets tonight.

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