My Dragon Slayer

I really didn’t have any plans today, except to do whatever I wanted, because I didn’t have any plans.  Unfortunately those ‘non-plans’ were tossed out the window first thing in the morning. It sort of started last night. I was working on my website, trying to update it a bit (still don’t know if I like it or not). Lately I’ve been having issues with my email notification program, and it’s been causing my webhost site to block my IP address.  It’s been spotty all week, and then last night while I was playing with my website, I knew I had blocked it again because of how many times I forgot my password.  I sent an email to my webhost (the gentleman has been so nice to me), and went to bed. This morning all should have been fixed, but it wasn’t. And when my IP gets blocked, my email is blocked too.  So me and my webhost guy were working on it all day. It did finally get up and running this afternoon, but it’s not what I wanted to spend my day on. When I told Paul that tonight, feeling like my day just ran by and was ‘wasted’, he said, “Well what did you have to do today?” “Um, nothing, just wanted to sit on my butt all day and do crafts.”  He always helps me see it’s not as bad as I think it is.

The other thing that happened was the other day I had decided to upgrade the firmware on Sarah and my MP3 players. We haven’t tried to use them until today. I went to play mine while I was cooking dinner and to my surprise the firmware update was actually a formatting update (which they failed to mention). And it wiped out all of my songs on my MP3!!!   Realizing what happened I asked Sarah to see if I did the same thing to hers, only hers was worse. The new firmware was corrupted, and I couldn’t even access her MP3 player at all. All this while I’m trying to start dinner. So I had to set that aside, and get dinner started. While I was chopping the ham up, a piece fell between the stove and counter. There is literally only about 1/4 of an inch between our stove and counter, not big enough for a broom. Hmmmm, how can I get that piece of ham? Oh, my yardstick is thin enough, right? Yea, it might be thin enough, but it’s not long enough, and it fell out of my hand and is currently stuck between the counter and stove.  Hubby comes in home in the middle of all of this, “Hey babe, how was your afternoon?”, he asks. So I lay out the whole thing, all of it, to which I turn and look and he’s trying not to smile.  Yep, he’s right, it was all pretty funny, and his ‘non smile’ calmed me down. Sarah’s MP3 player got fixed, we just need to add our songs again, which are still on our hard drive, no big deal. And once the stove cools off from dinner, hubby will pull it out and get my yard stick and ham. He’s my dragon slayer I tell you, and I love him so much for it.

So now with all the dragons taken care of, it is time to go spend some family time together and play Sorry Sliders, the new game the kids got for Christmas. Have a blessed night.


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