My health is continuing to improve

I’ve talked about my surgery over the summer and the fact that I’ve been severely anemic for at least 9 months if not over a year.  I’ve just passed the 4 month mark since my surgery, and I’m blessed by my continued improvement with my health.  I still have days and times that I am exhausted and I just have to stop what I’m doing and rest, but those are becoming fewer and far between.  Sometimes I surprise myself with things I can do and not exhaust myself.  🙂

Besides feeling better, I’m starting to have more desires that seemed to have disappeared last year.  I’ve said before in my posts I was loosing my desire to be in the kitchen.  I’ve been blessed that Sarah was still around and doing most of the cooking and baking, but I truly thought that I just didn’t have any desire to be in the kitchen much anymore.  I’m beginning to see now it wasn’t really not longer desiring to be in the kitchen, it was the lack of energy to be in the kitchen.  And I’m happy to say with my energy increasing, so is my desire to be in the kitchen.  😀

I’m starting to not only cook more, but I’m also starting to bake again.  I honestly haven’t baked in so long, it’s crazy.  It was always Sarah’s favorite thing, so I left it to her.  But now, I’m really enjoying it again.  Plus, with me doing it, I’ve started using real eggs too.  Sarah has an allergy to raw eggs, so when she bakes, she uses egg replacer.  But now I don’t have to worry about raw eggs, so I’m using it again.  Though it’s still hard for me to stop totally sanitizing the kitchen after baking.  🙁  It’s such a habit, because if Sarah even touched raw egg, she would start breaking out.  So I’ve always done a complete cleaning after baking, which kitchen cleaner, throwing my apron in the dirty clothes, and making sure I didn’t touch anything with raw egg on my hands.  Obviously I don’t have to worry about it now, but it’s so hard to stop doing that after 20 years of it.

Anyway, back to my baking.  lol  So I’ve started baking more.  I’ve even bought some new kitchen utensils to help with my baking.  And I’ve found a new (to us) brand of Gluten Free baking mix.  I tried it and made some cupcakes, with a spice cake mix.  Oh my they are so yummy.


They were flat, but taste great.  I couldn’t remember what kind of frosting to put on them, but I bought vanilla so used that.  It just made it so much better.  😀


Yes, I know, I seriously have to work on my cupcake frosting skills, but hey, I’m baking again, so no one in my family is complaining.  lol  I realized even more how little baking I’ve done because when I told Paulie I was making these he asked, “For what?  Are you going somewhere?”  Yeah, that’s a sure sign I haven’t been baking much.

I hope my energy continues to get better, and that I continue to enjoy being in the kitchen again.  Of course, I really need to relax on cleaning up so much after using eggs.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “My health is continuing to improve”

  1. Thanks Heather, it really is such a blessing. I feel for your nephew. Sarah can eat eggs and things made with eggs, but raw eggs, no. And baking GF without eggs is very hard. We did have our basics we knew would work, but it’s nice to branch out a bit more now that I’m using eggs again.

  2. Oh JoAnn, I had no idea you were going through all of this! I just read your illness post from this summer too. I am so glad you are feeling better and hope you will continue to improve and gain energy.

    I am still tired a lot, but it’s more of an autoimmune thing and, though all the things my doctors tell me help tremendously, it is probably unrealistic for me to hope that I will ever be well. It’s so good to see that you ARE getting well and will be able to get back to normal! Keep on using your energy well and wisely, my friend, for the Lord!

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