My new toy

Yes, I have a new toy to play with in the kitchen. Do you want to know what it is? 😉


Yep, I got a brand new Cuisinart food processor!!! 😀 I’m so exited.

I use my food processor quite a bit. I make hummus all the time, and I want to make my own peanut butter and other things. Plus, I would love to be able to shred cheese, which I couldn’t do on my current food processor, because it broke. 🙁 Paul has talked about me getting a new food processor for a while, and I kept putting it off. Finally he said for me to order it now, and you know how I like to submit to my husband. 😉 lol

On Saturday I had fun using it for the first time. I shredded some cheese, which worked nice.


I was making cauliflower soup at the time, and I needed to chop my cauliflower and celery. This thing is more powerful than I’m use to. I think I need to not pulse it so much. lol (Don’t worry, the soup still turned out great).


I also tried chopping some bell peppers that we like keeping chopped in the fridge for salads and such. Yes, I’m still learning how to not mulch my food and just to chop it.


DSC_0086And what is this picture? (Mom, this picture is for you 🙂 ).   Yes, this is my kitchen after I was done cooking and baking that day.  Usually I’m a little more cleaner than this when I’m in the kitchen, but that day when I turned and really looked at my kitchen I had to take a picture.  This is how a kitchen looks after my dad has been in there cooking.  Like daddy like daughter.  😉

I had so much fun with my Cusinart. I can’t wait to make a batch of hummus, it’s going to be the smoothest hummus I’ve ever made. Plus I really do want to try making my own peanut butter and maybe even some of my GF flours. I love how my husband spoils me.

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5 thoughts on “My new toy”

  1. beautiful machine. That is a first for your kitchen that I have ever seen, but looks like you had a lot of fun. Your right, like Daddy like daughter, but I think your Dad still makes it worse then that. As much as you like to cook you deserve a machine like that. Enjoy Love

  2. What a lovely new toy! I’m sure you’ll enjoy using it and enjoy the food that comes out of it.

    So funny that you took a picture of your kitchen after cooking! When I have that much to clean up, I want to cry rather than thinking of taking a picture. LOL I’m so glad I don’t do supper dishes around here, because we do have a counter like that fairly often, but all I need to do is pitch in and help the kids when it’s like that.

  3. Oh, I like that! I need a new food processor because one of my kids put the blade in the bottom of the dishwasher and warped the plastic that it won’t attach into the bowl anymore. sigh. That looks like a good one. My kitchen looks like that when we’ve done a lot of cooking/baking, too 🙂 Thanks for leaving me a comment at my blog! 🙂

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